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In my eyes, one of the main keys to a proper understanding of every apparition is one simple but at the same time very difficult word: obedience. Obedience is what we saw when the Fatima apparitions were initially – as it was very natural – seen with scepticism from the local clergy and obedience is what we saw when the apparitions to St Faustina Kowalska were considered not authentic by the Vatican. Obedience is, therefore, not only an obvious element of sainthood, but the path clearly indicated by many (perhaps: all) approved apparitions. Most certainly, no approved apparition ever incited to disobedience. In fact, it has never been prescribed by the doctor that an apparition be immediately recognised as authentic, but it has always been prescribed by the Church that Her decisions in the matter be accepted and obeyed.

God doesn’t need disobedience to have His will recognised; on…

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  1. Your inconsistency is quite breathtaking. The SSPX have defied Popes and they are praised. The Vatican is leaving any Austrian action to local bishops and they are vilified. But the competence of a local bishop after the appointment of a Vatican commission is upheld against that commission.

    • Steve D,
      your ignorance is quite breathtaking.

      The Austrian priests are heretics who trample Catholicism (and Christianity). The SSPX are perfectly orthodox Catholics who defend it. Surely even a moron must see the difference.


  2. The ignorance Mundabor of so many is breath-taking, but we must try to understand them: they have been fed stones for decades now, and a stream of badly-understood propaganda.

    The restoration must focus (as far as the laity is concerned) on catechesis. The need is overwhelming. How can we convert the world if we don’t even know the Faith?

    On the subject of the “apparitions” at Medjugore, didn’t Rome order the faithful not to go there?

    There are so many problems in our age, but authority and obedience are near the top, if not at the top, of the list.

    • I am not sure the Vatican ordered. But I am sure the local bishop ordered. The local bishop is the Church’s authority on the matter. Unless and until the Pope speaks to the contrary, the fanatic crowd has to do what the bishop says.

      But then you see, even Archbishops like the disgraceful Schoenborn pander to them…


  3. “Perfectly orthodox Catholics” submit to the Magisterium and do not set their own consciences above it whether SSPX or Austrian. If that simple fact is lost to you then I am not alone in my ignorance.

  4. Just spilt my cup of tea down the front of my shirt!

  5. “The idea that the Blessed Virgin would go against the Church is worse than unorthodox; it is diabolical.”

    That pretty much sums it up. I am glad that the Church does not compel us to assent on these kinds of private revelations. There are too many which are suspect. After the spritual director of the “seers”, Fr. Tom Vlasic was found guilty of impregnating a nun, how could anyone believe these hucksters.They are charlatans of the worst kind. Medjugorie is going to be a problem for a long time.

    • “Charlatans of the worst kind” pretty much sums it up.

      Of course Cardinal Schoenborn supports them.

      Similia Similibus Solvuntur


  6. Steve D,
    Your time is better spent worrying about the Jesuits who routinely reject every teaching on sexuality and obedience to the Church and accept only a small part of VII. Even the Jesuit run Fordham University near me continues to pay for contraceptives and staffs radical feminist theologians.

    The SSPX are faithful to the teachings of the Church. Vatican II with its ambiguous teachings must be understood by reading previous councils. It is not a super council that negated the past. Those with properly formed consciences understand that.

    Every council needs to be affirmed by a future one for it to have staying power. The SSPX has opened the door and brought visibility to the serious problems with VII. The genie is out, and it wont go back in.

    • I doubt whether the likes of Steve D have a big problem with contraception? It is typical of the liberal Catholic to be harsh with the right side and “understanding” on the wrong side.


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