Starbucks Says “Sodomy Good, Insects Bad”.

The always rather biting Daily Mail informs us Starbucks (the politically correct, probably homo-ridden  coffee-house chain for the perverts and those who would like to be it, but only if they can pay too much for the privilege) wanted to go away from artificial dyers and, in a move to please the limp wrists of their clients, moved to natural ones. In this case, they took many little cochineal insects and squeezed them to a red pulp, which then landed in the frappuccino of some wannabe Elton and his, as they call each other nowadays, “civil partner”.

Things turned sour for Starbucks when a group of vegans (sexual orientation not known, but I never found one who doesn’t eat meat an archetype of masculinity, either; more fitting to querulous women, for sure) complained they don’t want to be eating little red animals with their frappuccino without even knowing it; and when they know it, they don’t want in the first place.

Now, Starbucks is a very, very faggoty company. Sodomarriage is, apparently, one of their core values, or something like that. Therefore, they must have imagined their clients abandoning themselves to shrill little cries of disgust at knowing those horrible, horrible animals are in their favourite strawberry latte skinny non macchiato something. As a result, they have decided to abandon the little insects and switch to a tomato extract. I am waiting for the next group of fanatics to complain this is against their principles.

My reflection on this is that Starbucks is so gay one has to be afraid of even being seen there. Look at Eddie Murphy above, and think if you want to be put in the same basket with them.

Avoid Starbucks, folks. You don’t want to be seen there.

It’s so, so, so gay.


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  1. Even in Moscow, not a haven of gaydom (it’s the opposite), Starbucks is faggoty. It’s part of the demonic American corporate way.

    One of my finest days in Moscow, a city in which I lived many years, was when Peter Tatchell turned up to support an attempted rally by pederasts. To my very great delight, I was told that during the rally, which took place close to my office, an ordinary member of the public had approached him and offered him with appropriate Russian hospitality a right cross to the face which broke his nose.

    The “Russian Variant” may not be a particularly Christian approach, but the natural man in me applauded that man to the skies.

    • Ben,

      I disagree that the American way be in any way satanic. I think it’s the best country on earth in many things. In the case of Starbucks, probably the faggots have taken over, or a handful of idiots think this is the right way to sell coffee…

      Without going into the legal minutiae of the matter, the Russian approach has possibly given him a greater chance of repentance than the support he has here in the UK.

      Having said that, I think as a way of evangelisation it is a bit too harsh 😉


  2. When I have a go at corporate America, it’s only in the sense that political correctness is now at the very heart of how the large corporations do business – it’s written into their “Mission Statement”, their staff are indoctrinated and woe betide them if they fall foul of the ultra-permissive line. PC fascism in other words rules supreme.

    In many other ways, I agree of course. When the persecution really hots up in Europe, I think a lot of people will be heading over the Atlantic.

    • Ah, I fully agree on that of course. In many cases, though, I’d say it is more the terror of being sued than an ideological stance.


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