A Day Of Ordinary Nazism

Rather shocking (for me at least; I am the impressionable type) reminiscences of an abortion performed may years ago. 

There are several elements in this article which left me rather speechless:

1) the “counselor” says she has had nine abortions already. Apparently, this was made to let the girls feel more at their ease. Apparently it worked. Strangely. Frankly I would have thought such statements would have the opposite effect: unmask the inherent inhumanity of abortion.

2) The abortion was very painful; from what I know of these things, more painful than natural birth, which at least is natural pain. Even reading the story from the comfort of one’s living room, one understand what a traumatic experience it must be, the painful efforts of a nurse and a doctor to kill one’s own baby.

3) Apparently, the ultrasound is always done – at least in the facilities of Planned Genocide – but not shown for obvious reasons. This was news to me, but it makes sense as only the ultrasound will allow to gauge the age of the baby to be killed rapidly and with accuracy. Every Nazi doctor will tell you these details are important. I also agree in the midst of the painful trauma of an abortion, to call an ultrasound “traumatic” for the mother-not-to-be is more than stupid.

4) The treatment after abortion, with the young woman having to undress in the middle of the room, given a glass of water and sent away. If I were a feminist, I’d call this dehumanising, and demeaning. But I am not a feminist, so I’ll simply observe she was treated like cattle.

Truly, a day of ordinary Nazism.


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