Russians Show Some Common Sense

It's official: commie on the right more evil than commie on the left.

Whilst the West sinks in an ocean of political correctness in which pretty much everything is allowed, the Russians still show some common sense.

It appears more than 90% of Russians support a ban on homosexual propaganda. And in fact, I can’t imagine any country in Europe allowing such open show of perversion only 30 or 40 years ago.

Note the difference with London, where mayor Johnson (whom, make no mistake, you should still vote if you ask me, for reasons which have to do with the fact his only real opponent is pure evil)  bans a Christian adv from the underground after having had no problem at all with the homo propaganda the Christian adv was reacting to.

Note also that the opposition to homo propaganda is almost as widespread among younger people than among older ones, and is extremely widespread even by people of communist sympathies.

That some damn Russian commie should teach us basic morality is really a sign of the times.


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  1. Dear Mundabor, as you know, I spent many years working in Russia and can comment from personal experience and much observation.

    Russians, along with Italians, are (for instance) one of the very few peoples who can make religious films. They may be a bit mad, but they are right on the ball about the presence of God and of the reality of sin and the Divine Mercy.

    This is part of the national character. They see the homosexual propaganda invasion for what it is: a debauched Western anti-cultural destroyer of goodness. And they won’t stand for it.

  2. Indeed so. There is a lot of evil in Russia, and the legacy of past evil is hard to shake off, but Our Lady is beginning to do Her stuff there. I do believe this. Separately, are you aware of the bill banning abortion currently going through the Ukrainian Parliament? Not sure of its details.

  3. Well Obama does allow for the genocide of the unborn (women). What a war on women right?

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