Ukraine Seeking Abortion Ban

If you google around, you will notice in the Ukraine a bill could be approved banning abortion. I will not link to any text in order to avoid giving publicity to a group of feminists, who have obviously seized the occasion.

It is difficult to find details. What we know is that the religious authorities support the measure, the law would allow abortion only in rare cases like – if I understand correctly – danger for the mother’s health, and the thing enrages feminists, some of them apparently not entirely ugly… (tsk, tsk.. no photos… it is just hypocritical feminists should send beautiful women in topless to attract some attention…).

What is interesting is that the former Warsaw Pact countries seem to be particularly keen on recovering  some of the values Communism had oppressed, or in not losing those that had survived even Communism.

We have seen examples of this with the new Hungarian Constitution, the Russian opposition to homo propaganda, and the pressure to reach a total abortion ban in Poland.

Interesting, isn’t it? In the meantime we have so-called bishops of the so-called church of England praising sodomarriage…


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  1. The West in general has fallen prey to Marxism, as Our Lady promised at Fatima. And now, having thrown off Communism, the former USSR seems to be making movement towards a Christian polity once again. I am slowly moving towards the position that Putin and Yanukovich may be a very good thing.

    I would hope too that Russia will once again become a Monarchy.

  2. You have to be Crazy to think Putin is even remotely a good thing, Benedict. That man wants to be a dictator more then Obama. Don’t you know that many Russians would rather have the USSR back? Nevertheless, I agree that the west is falling pray to marxism. That is what happens when you worship humanity (and Obama for us Americans). This whole Utopian ideal held by so many people that live in denial have no other option other then modern liberalism which is basically marxist and marxism. Democratic socialism -> Marxist.

    Hell, I’d rather have a virtuous dictator then give Obama one in a million chance of winning to the Zombie Ronald Reagan (who would be better then he was before because of heavenly insight).

    Maybe I should write a book. 🙂

  3. Have you lived in Russia? I lived there for more than 12 years. I have seen everything there with my own eyes. I speak the language. I know the people, their history and their culture. I know what Russia was in the 1990’s. I know what a bunch of nothings are the liberals there. Don’t tell me I “have to be crazy”.

    • Are you not living there now, Ben?

      I’m not sure I agree with you – not on expert on Russia, either – but I think I understand where you’re coming from.

      If you can expand a bit, the better.


  4. Benedict,

    There are countless Americans living here in the US that have no clue about Obama. Just as Brits in the UK have no clue about Cameron, or Merkel in Germany. Just because you lived in Russia doesn’t mean you understand, Putin. He is a thug. Everybody knows it. Guess what. I have insight. I’ll help you out.


    • Jay, if I understand correctly Ben does not want to say Putin is an example to follow, or a paragon of ethical behaviour. What I think he was driving at is that a thug may have in his politics many things which are, in the end, beneficial.

      This is neither new nor scandalous, and in Italy we had a prime example with Berlusconi; a man who, by all his shortcomings, always defended Catholic values. Not out of conviction I am sure, but then again I do nto need to be persuaded that someone is “good” to see the good fruits of what he does.

      This, of course, until we find or invent a new planet where things go differently, or the original sin is suddenly abolished.


  5. Mundabor, I left Russia after 12 years in December 2008, but have spent more than 8 months since then in Moscow. My wife-to-be is from Saratov on the Volga, though we know each other from my Moscow days, so my link with the country is profound and will remain so.

    Putin of course is a thug, a “Chekist” as the KGB/FSB men still think of themselves as – but so what? After the meltdown of the Yeltsin years, such a man was definitely necessary to steady the ship. The liberal democrats (in the western sense) are a corrupt bunch of wilting wall-flowers, good for nothing at all. Russians rejected them long ago. Putin sees himself as the saviour of Russia, and although I don’t like that self-description, the people were crying out for a strong hand, and this strong hand certainly loves his own country. Certainly in his first term as President, he was a saviour figure, the strong King rescuing the country from total collapse and humiliation.

    The war the Russians fought – and are still fighting – in Chechnya and the Northern Caucasus is our war too. Let us not forget that.

    Unlike Medvedev’s, I think Putin’s Christian beliefs are probably sincere (although one friend pointed out to me that he’s been badly taught to make the Sign of the Cross!).

    As to his reputed wealth, his circle’s corruption: yes, and again, so what? Were our Kings any better in the past? And are our masters in Brussels and Strasbourg any better than him? Worse, in my view: they promote a Satanic agenda and stick their snouts in the trough at the same time. And corruption: just how many deals are done behind the closed doors of the Masonic Lodges in the USA; UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy?

    The Russians are finding themselves again after 75 years of bestial suffering. Putin is leading them forward slowly but I think for the most part surely. The last thing thy want or need now is the likes of Obama or the dreadful harridan Clinton telling them to promote sodomy or continue decimating the country through abortion.

    He may not seem like the perfect “Christian Emperor” who will roll back the reign of Antichrist, but I’ll settle for him for now.

    • Thanks, Ben, and congratulations for the wife-to-be!

      I am surprised to know you think Putin believes in God. Ex KGB bastard? Really? 😉

      Anyway, who knows what he Holy Ghost can do in a person’s heart (if Putin has one, that is…).


  6. I am sure he has one, and I am pretty sure his known Christian faith is real.

  7. Are you familiar Mundabor with the writings of Vladimir Soloviev, the Orthodox convert to catholicism and probably Russia’s greatest-ever philosopher? He forsaw a time in the future when Russia would play a pivotal role in the world’s affairs on Heaven’s part; and that this role would be seen at the End Times. Ten 30 years later Our Lady appears at Fatima ….

    • No, I am not. Though I must say I do not trust the prophets of end times and impending catastrophe…. though I googled him a bit and he seems a rather interesting chap, though if von Balthasar liked him perhaps I am wrong?


  8. I know very little about von Balthasar or his thinking, so can’t say 🙂

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