“A Scandal Of Enormous Proportions”: A Michael Voris Video

40 years of scandal and open abomination.

May God forgive the Bishops and Popes who have allowed, and continue to allow, all this.


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  1. Funny – I just posted the same vid (along with a article on Patheos including a link to you)


    • Thanks Adrienne!

      I receive the prompt by email. Whilst I do not want to make of this blog an amplifier of Voris, I must say he makes an excellent work and in my eyes strikes the right tone, managing to be very assertive – and when it must be, aggressive – without sedevacantist rants and the like.


  2. As for these, and the Soho so-called “Masses”, I doubt very much whether they are valid. I bet there’s a high chance that either form, matter or intention is lacking in such a sacrilegious charade.

  3. Mark Shea has just put out two visiously slanderous and libelous attacks on Michael Voris today because of his support of conservative Catholic E Michael Jones. Go to Shea’s posts for http//:www.patheos.com/blogs/markshea/ 04/26/2012 and if you feel outraged enough at Shea’s vile calmny, leave a statement in his comboxes.

    • Thanks Steven, but I do not believe in Catholic bloggers being polemic on other Catholic blogs.

      Besides, by going there I would simply help Shea’s till to ka-ching again. In the end, I think it’s what he wants.


    • Jesus remained silent in the face of calumny and so can we. Mr. Shea thinks he’s doing the Lord’s work, when in fact he is tearing down a brother in Christ and promoting internecine warfare, just as the enemy wishes. Let us not fall prey to the enemy’s wiles and do likewise.

    • Dear person (what a beautiful name, btw 😉 ), I agree with you.

      There might be times where one must speak and say the truth. There are, I think, other times when it is more intelligent and more prudent to let things be.

      I have read some of the Shea’s posts, and I must say his writing style is so…. peculiar everyone who reads him for a while will soon realise he has to choose whether he likes Shea’s style or not.

      Those who do will believe in him anyway, those who don’t will soon realise they can find better material elsewhere. Either way, there’s no need for squabbling.

      Anyway, I think Voris is not only the more charitable, but by far the smarter of the two.


  4. Mund, you’re right about Voris being smarter and more charitable than Mark Shea. Voris, as of now, has never bothered to reply to any of Shea’s unfair, vemonous attacks on him. As for smarter, yes, yes! Michael has demonstrated time and time again that he’s a quick study in grasping what’s going on in the church, he’s not afraid to criticize the high and mighty when it calls for it, he is loyal to the true magisterium, not the false one that came into being during Vatican II,and he’s not obsessed with building a fan base like Shea and other pop-apologists are. BTW, I suspect the real reason why Shea don’t like Voris is that Mike is drawing people away from him who might support him. Voris also attracts the more intelligent Catholic, while El Marko seems to draw immature and unthinking folks who swallow every word that spews from his mouth. Yep, it must be hard for Mark Shea to cope with the fact he no longer the only kid on the block who’s the apologist to go to.

    • As I see it, Shea is very much Vatican II. He is being left behind, and he notices it, and he isn’t pleased. But as he is a sort of aggressive V II, he ends up being a mixture of the wrong of the old ways with the wrong of the new ways. I like aggressive, and at time one should be aggressive against people; but not, I think, for reasons of personal animosity.

      Voris, on the other hand,is very orthodox. He doesn’t care of how he is seen, and I see in him a concern about his (and our) salvation I can’t see very often.


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