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Football Coach Has The Guts To Say The Truth

If you forget a moment the Protestant lexicon of the man (the “personal relationship with Christ” always lets me think they have Him down for an afternoon tea and a cigar every Tuesday and Thursday) this man has guts. He speaks Christian truth and puts, if not today certainly in the future, his job on the line.

Hear him, literally, lecturing the members of the Omaha City Council about the Christian values which, alone, are going to allow them to reason the right way. He even allows himself a couple of rather strong words, and his praising them for the “courage” and strong conviction they must have in going against the Lord is also very ironic. Thankfully, he is Black, so everyone (particularly if White) will think twice before he trashes him.

Kudos to this intelligent, courageous, rather ironical man. He’d make a good convert, methinks.


Conjugal Love, The Muslim Way

Muslim Porn


I know you would expect something from people able to fanatically follow the violent rants of a child rapist, but this is really too much: there is a bill initiative in Egypt proposing the right for a husband to have sexual intercourse with his dead wife. In pure politically correct, Western style (perverts are the same everywhere) this is called “farewell intercourse law”.

It isn’t a joke. I mean, it might not be. Unless someone has conned us of course.

Assuming this is not a joke (1st April has passed) one must really say these Muslims do perversion almost as well as Peter Tatchell.

We had a trusted ally in Egypt. A safe man. Not a saint of course, but one sure to be on our side, and one sure to keep in check the fanatics, too.

He was thrown to the dogs to please Obama’s populism.

These are the results.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

Brilliant blog post on “Ite Ad Thomam” about Modernism vs. Neo-Modernism. The blog post (the blog is run by strictly orthodox Thomist theologians) is particularly notable because its rigorous exam of the evil of Neo-Modernism doesn’t stop at the extremists, put points the finger to the widespread corruption of traditional Catholic thinking still present today in the very heart of the Church.

The summa divisio is between Modernism and Neo-Modernism.

The first is defined as follows:

Modernism is the idea that there are no eternal truths, that truth is the correspondence of the mind with one’s lifestyle (adaequatio intellectus et vitae), and that, therefore, old dogmas must be abandoned and new beliefs must arise that meet ‘the needs of modern man’. This is a radical denial of the traditional and common sense notion of truth: the correspondence of the mind with reality (adaequatio intellectus et rei), which is the basis…

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