Conjugal Love, The Muslim Way

Muslim Porn


I know you would expect something from people able to fanatically follow the violent rants of a child rapist, but this is really too much: there is a bill initiative in Egypt proposing the right for a husband to have sexual intercourse with his dead wife. In pure politically correct, Western style (perverts are the same everywhere) this is called “farewell intercourse law”.

It isn’t a joke. I mean, it might not be. Unless someone has conned us of course.

Assuming this is not a joke (1st April has passed) one must really say these Muslims do perversion almost as well as Peter Tatchell.

We had a trusted ally in Egypt. A safe man. Not a saint of course, but one sure to be on our side, and one sure to keep in check the fanatics, too.

He was thrown to the dogs to please Obama’s populism.

These are the results.


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  1. Our Lord must have a strong stomach to out up with this evil. If I was Him, I’d be zapping the savages with many a bolt of lightning.

    Islam specialises in these outrages (along with our own debauched Western perverts). I remember reading some time back how Ayatollah Khomeini, before he ‘sadly’ passed on (downwards), issued a number of fatwas telling the Iranians when it was licit to rape their infant sons and daughters.

    Apropos of perverts, it was reported today that the “Safeguarding Officer” of the Catholic diocese of Plymouth – known for its homosexual clergy, dissenters and liberal-Modernist-post-Christian-secularist “Catholics” was found with thousands of child pornographic pictures on his computer.

    Now, I would like to know only one thing: given the nest of homosexual vipers that is that diocese, who gave him the job?

    I do not know, of course, but a gut feeling tells me he was sourced from amongst the in-house “fraternity”.

    • Exactly my feelings, Ben.
      These faggots really are a mafia, and when they start to infiltrate an organisation (be it a seminary, or Starbucks) they will try to get in as many as possible of their own ilk.

      Reintroduce the sodomy laws, say I.


      P.s.the one about Khomeini is unsurprising, too…

  2. I am beginning to think that the whole crisis in the Church is intimately linked to them – and to the known and overt Communist infiltration into the priesthood of the 1950’s.

    • You mean the fag priests? Yes I agree, though more in general I’d rather say the desire to be “loved” and “approved”, rather than the enemy of the world.

      In my eyes, the desire to be loved came first, and the homos came second and profited fro the wave of nuChurch.


  3. Whatever was the sequence, we have an unholy cabal ripping the Body of Christ to pieces in a demonic fury:

    The homosexuals
    The neo-Modernists
    The feminists
    The Marxists

    A true coven of the rebrobate damned.

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