Football Coach Has The Guts To Say The Truth

If you forget a moment the Protestant lexicon of the man (the “personal relationship with Christ” always lets me think they have Him down for an afternoon tea and a cigar every Tuesday and Thursday) this man has guts. He speaks Christian truth and puts, if not today certainly in the future, his job on the line.

Hear him, literally, lecturing the members of the Omaha City Council about the Christian values which, alone, are going to allow them to reason the right way. He even allows himself a couple of rather strong words, and his praising them for the “courage” and strong conviction they must have in going against the Lord is also very ironic. Thankfully, he is Black, so everyone (particularly if White) will think twice before he trashes him.

Kudos to this intelligent, courageous, rather ironical man. He’d make a good convert, methinks.


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  1. “Thankfully, he is Black, so everyone (particularly if White) will think twice before he trashes him.”

    Haha, exactly what I thought. Had he been white it had just been another one of those “ignorant Christian trash that should be exterminated” but now he’s black so we mustn’t be hateful…

    I agree with you regarding the personal relationship part as well, but it’s important to remember not to scoff if a protestant throws it in your face (especially if it’s a potential convert), but instead to agree, as it’s fundamentally true, but knowing that you have different notions about what a “personal relationship” is.

    • Thanks Fugerunt,

      I live in the UK, where the encounter with these “I have breakfast with Jesus”-types is very seldom, but I think it isn’t difficult to find a way not to quarrel with a Proddie, if I see that he is a sincere (if wrong) Christian.


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