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Please imagine (I won’t show you the video, and you’re welcome) a so-called work of art depicting the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy. Not something highly symbolic and abstract, mind; no, I am talking of shocking realism here; with nude bodies, penises dangling around and all the rest you can, at least in part, imagine.

I can’t express with words the disgust that I prove for people who are able to even conceive such kind of blasphemy. The fact that I chose not to link to the video is, I believe, evidence enough that this is truly strong tobacco; but if any of you really, really want to see it, has the story and more than one video.

It turns out that the author of such (never word was more appropriate) entartete Kunst, or degenerate art, is Alfred Hrdlicka, a self-confessed (gloria tv again) “Atheist, Communist and…

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  1. This man looks like a true iron-clad Commissar, doesn’t he?

    Why is Schonborn a priest, let alone a Cardinal?

    • I do not know why he is a priest. I think I can fairly say he is an archbishop because he comes from a noble and influential family (these things in Austria are very important, and the country is rather small), and he is a Cardinal because he is a friend of the Pope. Last is, if you ask me, the reason why he can get away with pretty much everything.

      If the successor of Pope Benedict is a strong man (like Burke, say) watch him fall very hard.


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