What does LCWR stand for?

Difficult to identify. Possibly a woman. Some say a nun.

1. Leadership Conference of Women Religious

2. Lesbian Conference of Women Religious

3. Lesbian Cretinous Women Religious

4. Lesbian Cretinous Witches Religious

5. Lesbian Cretinous Witches Retarded

I was very uncertain and visited the site to know what is what.

I was greeted by the phrase “we embrace our time as holy”.

Yep, it must be 5.


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  1. Hilarious – if it wasn’t so very, very sad.

  2. Yours is a complete breath of fresh air. If only it was blowing through the Vatican.

    • Thanks Benedict,

      I would settle for much less than the energy you see on this blog on the Vatican, and frankly not even I would approve if, say, the blog of a religious were as explicit as I am.

      Still, I think at the Vatican whenever anything happens is far too little and sometimes almost too late.

      They waited 40 (forty, quaranta, vierzig, quarante) years before acting against the LCWR. I am terrified the same might happen with the Austrian heresy. Unless, of course, we get some energetic Pope when the time comes.


  3. We need an act of God, Mundabor, outside His usual supernatural support for the Church. The Chastisement?

    • Frankly Ben,

      I do not share the opinion of those who think a Great Punishment is on its way. Whilst I can obviously not know the ways of the Lord, I am sure the Church has many times in the past endured (or caused) crises like this one, and will endure many such in the future.

      I am afraid, though, a sort of Great Punishment might be happening every day, with the number of souls getting irretrievably lost every day. Again, whilst I cannot know the way the Lord judges those who have been so poorly instructed, it is more than conceivable the number of lost souls has been greatly increased in the West in the last decades.

      And this is, frankly, what makes me angry about the Vatican way, where at times I have the impression the salvation of souls is rather back in the list of priorities.


  4. It has seemed for years to be nowhere at all – agreed.

    • Let us take the heresy in Austria, for example.

      A Pope thinking he can leave, say, one or two decades before a heresy is dealt with must have a rather optimistic view of salvation. He must, actually, thinking whether the Church reacts now or in 20 years doesn’t really make any difference…


  5. European civilisation has long since abandoned God and has now, at last, given up completely to what is worse than paganism. We’re slaughtering our own unborn on an industrial scale, our women are scandalous and there are no men but only feral boys. Our common people, who had been chosen by God to carry on his religion, is dying out because of their infidelity, and at an equal rate what used to be Christendom is given up to the hordes taking advantage of the confusion and fall of Rome (for which no one can blame them). The Church Militant itself has been forced to its knees and has shed itself of its most precious gifts, and would even have turned away from the very face of God if He had allowed it. Countless souls have not only been lost, but born, raised, died, and then lost in the darkness of what used to be the light of the world, the apple of God’s eye. Yet, people claim to be waiting for a great chastisement…

    What do they need to understand? The sound of tanks rounding corner of the street and gunfire? We’ve already seen that on a world-wide scale, more than once. How quickly can a world forget? It was nothing but the precursor to what came afterwards. When the fires died down and the cannon-barrels fell silent the real destruction took place of everything that had Somehow managed to survive centuries of violent opposition. It served for nothing more than to weary the lion so that it could finally be prepared for slaughter, which soon followed. All around us is only death, confusion, blasphemy, and misery, but, yes indeed, when will THE GREAT CHASTISEMENT come?

  6. I don’t get discouraged by the world, and I think you resonate with me here, albeit not with what soon follows. Sometimes you see people despair over the state of the Church. I don’t understand that. It’s in God’s hands. That comforts me wholly, because I am proof of His grace working even today. He lifted me up from my godless confusion and lead me to the narrow path from being utterly lost in the darkness. No, what I worry about is myself and my own flaws, and they are many. That’s discouraging, and what a viscous spiral it is.

    I didn’t pray my rosary today, for example. When I pray and I pray well, which is only when He makes it easy for me, I am filled with joy. However, the next time I am to pray, I sigh and think: “Do I really have to?” Yet I know that it is prayer that keeps me from deep and constant sin. It is so obvious. I know that it is everything that is good, and demands no real effort, and yet often I find even the thought burdensome. Despite knowing its fruits! Without it I am miserable, but when I do it much and often i can almost feel the vibrations of joy from my soul.

    Yet, whenever there is even the slightest obstacle, like a pebble on a street, it as if climbing a mountain. But I love to climb mountains and be pushed to my physical limits! So, in fact, kneeling down and praying a little every day is the hardest thing I have ever known in my life. And it is not a matter of a restless mind. I can get lost in thought for hours, with my mind as clear and sharp as a blade. Then the thoughts stray into God, the creator of heaven and earth, Who took on human flesh and was crucified for me, and I feel restless. Bored! Sometimes my sorrow over my own ungratefulness and weakness makes me want to abandon it all and flee. That is, instead of striving harder to overcome my flaws, I want to run away and hide from the perfection that I should seek. How is this possible? I don’t know, but it is. I see the utter irrationality of it, especially when I know that He is there to support me, as further proof of God, the effects of sin, and most of all, the enemy. How else could it be?

    This is scary to me, not the state of the Church.

    I apologize for my long rant at this late hour. I think the suggestion and subsequent thought of having a Facebook account made me frown more than the latest Mass scandal. 😉

    • Beautiful rant, fugerunt! I am not the only weak sinner on earth, then! 😉

      Personally, when I started to pray the rosary I decided that I would pray it daily, no matter what; without waiting to be inspired, or expecting any immediate result from it. The result I expected is that the day I die I know I have prayed the rosary every day.

      And this is what I did, and I am very happy I did.

      If you use the search function of this blog you will find one or two posts about the promises of Mary to those who pray the rosary. It will be, I think, a great encouragement.

      As to Facebook, I am starting to use it now (I actually had an account, but I only posted posts there), so you are welcome to look for “Paul Eddington” when you have yours.


      P.s. I found the blog post and posted it as “reblog of the day”.

  7. Thank you, the post was indeed uplifting. I think I’ll adopt your idea of praying the rosary no matter what. There have been a few times when I’ve thought “I have to do it!” and I stubbornly went about it rather distracted and lukewarm, but by the end, I wanted to start over and say it more properly. I didn’t, though. That’s me. Thanks again.

    PS: Writing comments that accidentally drag on and on is a lot easier than coming up with your own content-filled posts. Maybe I should develop this into a parasitical technique and adopt these types of comments for my own page eventually. 😛

    • In my experience, I can’t say I pray every day a very good rosary; but in my eyes this goes with such practices, at least for me. I am also a firm believer of habits as a way of spiritual improvements.

      In Italy we say il meglio e’ nemico del bene: “better” is the enemy of “good”. As you realise yourself, to want to do things better often means not to do them at all.


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