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Reading around about the SSPX-Vatican talks, I can’t avoid making a couple of small considerations as follows:

1) It would seem there are some people who think if the SSPX does not agree with the Vatican, they will be declared schismatics.

This reasoning – very similar to those of the cave-in Catholics, though in this case some might be in good faith – is in my eyes fundamentally flawed. Being schismatic or orthodox is not something depending from the humour of the Pope of the day, much less – if we have a modicum of esteem for the current Pope – a matter object of emotional handling: if you do not agree with me now, I’ll declare you schismatic. Thank God, even the post-Vatican II Church is much better than this.

The Vatican cannot and will not declare the SSPX schismatic, because the Church cannot declare Herself schismatic

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  1. Bishop Williamson should be set to one side in this discussion. I don’t think he will come over if there is a rapprochement.

    My view is that there IS a danger of a formal schism setting in – or being declared by the Holy See – if the current situation does not result in an agreement. We don’t know; I understand that, but in such a circumstance it would be difficult to remain with them.

    However, I do expect an agreement. In fact, I am highly optimistic. The Pope knows he doesn’t have much time left and he needs the SSPX on-board.

    • I still can’t imagine the alternative “either you are all fine, or you are schismatics”. Seriously, not even a child behaves this way. Well a child perhaps, but he must be very small.


  2. We’ll see soon enough. Please God no-one exercises any knee-jerk reactions. I’m sure the Holy Father will be under great pressure from the wolves to do just that.

    • Ah, but the Pope is of age now, is he not?

      He will sure be able to make his choice and bear the responsibility for it.

      I’ve written a post of it not many days ago.


  3. He has shown a determination, yes.

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