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UKIP Is The Right Vote, And Second Vote For Boris

UKIP Is The Right Vote, And Second Vote For Boris.

Homer Simpson And The Search For Approval

Catholic? Really?

When it comes to leading us on The Way, no other voice speaks with this authority, with this legitimacy. No philosopher, theologian, politician, scientist, guru, apparition, or best-selling author possesses the singular grace of our bishops in teaching us to hear the voice of the Lord. If you will hear his voice and follow his lead, then listen to his Church, his Body on Earth. And treat the thieves and robbers as the wolves they really are!

It is truly encouraging to read in a blog from a Catholic religious such words of clear, enlightening simplicity. What a difference with the various attempt at (thinly veiled) synchretism we hear from more or less liberal catholics (small c) here and there.

The latter generally start with telling you why someone whom you would never link to Catholicism, but is utterly popular, is in “synch” with the Christian (or even Catholic)  message. From Homer Simpson to that disgraceful movie, “The Descendants”, I think we have all seen examples of various kind. I only miss someone saying Madonna (the sluttish, blasphemous singer) is a beacon of spiritual advancement, but perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention.

From there, they start to make some comparison as to why this is so. The one loves the baby seal; which is, undoubtedly, a very Catholic value; whilst the other wants to “save the planet”, and did not Jesus want to do just the same? I am not surprised some people would see even in Christopher Hitchens some Catholic value. Jesus, they reason, oh loves so much these outspoken people, and hates oh so much all those who don’t blaspheme Him every day…

You see, in the end everyone loves kittens, so it’s an easy game to attach some “good” and therefore “christian” value to pretty much everyone; particularly when the person in question is very popular among the bovine masses, and therefore  likely to attract to the new theologians a lot of sympathies and approval.

Strangely, whenever I point out even Hitler was extremely fond of his dog Blondie no one really listens to me…

The truth is, though, in the words cited at the beginning of this blog post, and which I would like to see mentioned more often particularly by trendy priests. There are no two ways, or two truths, or two lives and unfortunately, the only Way, Truth and Life is a bit more complicated and less fun than, say, Homer Simpson.


“Homo Graduations” in Catholics Universities


Apparently, the homos’ desire for a stage does not know any boundary, and they find in this allies in the usual suspects of the liberal culture ( probably with the one or other perversion under the table, too).

The whole thins is so stupid, that to my knowledge it doesn’t exist in Europe. As I see it, it achieves the following:

1) It brands the poor (and perverted)  idiots for life. They basically take part in a public ceremony saying “yep, I’m a perv”. Poor sods (never was a term of endearment more appropriate) seem not to understand the tide is turning, and they’re going to be in trouble.

2) It puts not their academic achievement (if any) in the foreground, but their being perverts. It is as if there was a convention of pedophile doctors.With this mentality, I wouldn’t be surprised if, actually, it turned out there is one.

3) It clearly shows Jesuits are now largely a bunch of hell-bound perverts.

Kudos to the Cardinal Newman Society.





“Mundabor’s Blog” On Facebook

I had opened a facebook account some time ago, but I had never really used it other than to post my posts to the – I think it’s called – wall.

I have now decided to explore the world of facebook a bit better, and have therefore started to look around and to do stupid things while I learn how to use it properly.

In time, I might (unless this goes beyond my blogging pay grade) have one of those little thingies on the right hand column with “join me on Facebook”, or the like.

In the meantime, whoever finds facebook a more useful way to follow my blog (there will obviously be much more there, including links I liked, & Co.; again, I am just learning how it works) feel free to look for “Paul Eddington” and choose, among the many which will pop up, the one with the familiar Pope Pius XII photo.

Other than in real life, on facebook I have a very liberal “friends” policy and invite you to consider it as you would if you would follow me on Twitter; as a consequence, unless you are a self-professed atheist or otherwise unsound I will certainly accept you as “friend”, and you will then be able to follow on your facebook page what happens with my blog and my facebook activities.

Needless to say, I will not use this as a “private” activity of any kind, so you don’t need to be afraid to find the usual messages about “drinking a coffee now” (who cares a straw) and “feeling kinda happy” (ditto). The page will be used exclusively as an extension of the blog activities.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

For those of you who are voting (by mail) or are going to vote for the London mayoral and assemblies election, may I suggest you seriously examine the possibility of voting UKIP.

I know, they are not perfect. No party is. But I see the following in their favour:

1. They have been fighting – effectively, as it seems – against the Brussels mania of everyone else for many years now. The events of the last year or two are a great vindication of what they have always said. It is astonishing our political class was, in general, so stupidly incompetent as not to see what people of simple common sense out there, in the world of business and real life, have been able to see for many years.

2. They are blessedly devoid of political correctness, and do not share the polite absence of every serious political ideal of…

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Padre Pio And The Mass

an instructing  video.

Please always remember: some saints (mostly women, with the exception of St. Francis) had the stigmata.

Some saints had the “odour of sanctity” (emitted a scent recognised by others, though generally not by themselves).

Some could read other people’s mind.

Some could foresee future events.

Some could miraculously bilocate.

Some could be the vehicle for God’s miracle.

Only one could ever do, and be, all these things.


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