Homer Simpson And The Search For Approval

Catholic? Really?

When it comes to leading us on The Way, no other voice speaks with this authority, with this legitimacy. No philosopher, theologian, politician, scientist, guru, apparition, or best-selling author possesses the singular grace of our bishops in teaching us to hear the voice of the Lord. If you will hear his voice and follow his lead, then listen to his Church, his Body on Earth. And treat the thieves and robbers as the wolves they really are!

It is truly encouraging to read in a blog from a Catholic religious such words of clear, enlightening simplicity. What a difference with the various attempt at (thinly veiled) synchretism we hear from more or less liberal catholics (small c) here and there.

The latter generally start with telling you why someone whom you would never link to Catholicism, but is utterly popular, is in “synch” with the Christian (or even Catholic)  message. From Homer Simpson to that disgraceful movie, “The Descendants”, I think we have all seen examples of various kind. I only miss someone saying Madonna (the sluttish, blasphemous singer) is a beacon of spiritual advancement, but perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention.

From there, they start to make some comparison as to why this is so. The one loves the baby seal; which is, undoubtedly, a very Catholic value; whilst the other wants to “save the planet”, and did not Jesus want to do just the same? I am not surprised some people would see even in Christopher Hitchens some Catholic value. Jesus, they reason, oh loves so much these outspoken people, and hates oh so much all those who don’t blaspheme Him every day…

You see, in the end everyone loves kittens, so it’s an easy game to attach some “good” and therefore “christian” value to pretty much everyone; particularly when the person in question is very popular among the bovine masses, and therefore  likely to attract to the new theologians a lot of sympathies and approval.

Strangely, whenever I point out even Hitler was extremely fond of his dog Blondie no one really listens to me…

The truth is, though, in the words cited at the beginning of this blog post, and which I would like to see mentioned more often particularly by trendy priests. There are no two ways, or two truths, or two lives and unfortunately, the only Way, Truth and Life is a bit more complicated and less fun than, say, Homer Simpson.


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  1. You must have been watching a lot of Father Barron lately. 😀

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