“Homo Graduations” in Catholics Universities


Apparently, the homos’ desire for a stage does not know any boundary, and they find in this allies in the usual suspects of the liberal culture ( probably with the one or other perversion under the table, too).

The whole thins is so stupid, that to my knowledge it doesn’t exist in Europe. As I see it, it achieves the following:

1) It brands the poor (and perverted)  idiots for life. They basically take part in a public ceremony saying “yep, I’m a perv”. Poor sods (never was a term of endearment more appropriate) seem not to understand the tide is turning, and they’re going to be in trouble.

2) It puts not their academic achievement (if any) in the foreground, but their being perverts. It is as if there was a convention of pedophile doctors.With this mentality, I wouldn’t be surprised if, actually, it turned out there is one.

3) It clearly shows Jesuits are now largely a bunch of hell-bound perverts.

Kudos to the Cardinal Newman Society.





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  1. I just don’t have the strength today to open that link Mundabor. The tidal wave of filth and perversion is so great now that one hardly has the strength to stand up against it. I am now going to stay away from public “Catholic” blogs: one sees on them very quickly how even people who describe themselves as Catholics are, in actual fact, subscribers to the modern perverse paganism – identified by the demand for women priests, for the moral equivalence of sodomy with marriage, that the Church be run by the cattle-like laity whose views (if one could grace their bovine idiocies with that word) are straight from the pens of some revolutionary Jew writing for the Guardian or spouting revolution on the BBC.

    Most of the Church is in eclipse, the Hierarchy hold to totally failed social experiments, the Pope cannot himself forswear the doctrinal betrayals of his generation. He talks about the Church being in radical opposition to the world, but I see the Church quite happily supping with the devil, and with a very short spoon. God is shunted to the side by the raucous clamour for “human rights”, “the dignity of Man”, and all the other Masonic-Marxist buzzwords.

    Men’s minds are blinded, their spirits cloaked by a revolt against all authority; even Catholics seek to throw off God’s authority over them, the Church goes along with it.

    I shall call upon Our Lady’s help and start saying the Rosary regularly. God exists: the blessings with which I have been showered even very recently tell me that my knowledge of His existence is sure knowledge.

    But the state of the Church and the bovine idiocy of my co-religionists makes me very depressed sometimes.

    I very much want to face the Pope, look him in the eyes and ask, “Holy Father – you and your generation: what do you really think about your part in the destruction of Christian Civilization? Just how ashamed are you? How dare you take away from me the right to worship as all my ancestors worshipped? What spirit of evil came over you?”

    • With all due respect, Ben: isn’t it so, that you tend to be transported a bit from your emotions?

      Not later than a couple of days ago you wrote if the SSPX were to be declared schismatic you would change your attitude towards them. Now you say the very same people at whose behest you’d throw the SSPX out of the window are betraying Christianity.

      Could it be that the truth is rather in the middle, or a bit more complicated?

      If you ask me, the leaders of the Church, from the Pope down, aren’t doing nearly enough to defend catholic values. But this has happened often in the past, and will happen often in the future. I may be disappointed (well, no: I am), but I am unable to paint an apocalyptic scenario of complicity with the devil.

      At the same time, I think I can recognise what is deposit of faith and what isn’t, and who are those who defend Catholicism in its purest sense. Therefore, I will be on the side of the SSPX as long as the SSPX is on the side of authentic Catholicism; which is rather easy to check, as if they continue to say today what twenty centuries of Catholics have meant they can’t be wrong.

      As to the links, I have the same problem, and often I do not write about a certain topic simply because my adrenaline make the task unhealthy, and I’d like to avoid a liver cancer if I can.

      In time, I have learned to look for a compromise in these matters too, then to plunge into a world of uncontrolled emotions means to stop blogging, for sure.

      I suggest you cheer up and reflect the gates of Hell will not prevail, and not even Paul VI and Vatican II managed to kill the Church.

      I see in this a sign of hope for the future, rather than of despondency.

      Five years ago we were still at the indult masses, and now we are very near to a reconciliation with the SSPX which would be a dramatic torpedo in the belly of Vatican II.

      Cheer up. Non praevalebunt.


  2. Good advice 🙂 Yes, I am an emotional fellow, it’s true. The Italian blood, maybe? (Perhaps I didn’t mention it before, but my great-grandfather was a man called Carlo Fara, whose elder brother Gustavo was a General in the Italian Army during World War I and one of Mussolini’s first Deputies).

    I will cheer up.

  3. Well, reasonably proud of the link but not really a Fascist, no. All that loud shouting and marching about in uniforms is not really my idea of fun. But as a bulwark against the Marxists, Italian fascism played its part. It’s German cousin was actually Marxism of the national caste and to be entirely rejected of course.

    • Yes ben, I didn’t mean you, I meant your great-grandfather.

      It was a compliment, by the way. 😉

      One of the things which grates me most of northern Europe is that many people use the adjective Fascist to say, actually, Nazist. No one in Italy would do the same, not even the most hardened commies.


  4. Haha!! I am a great deal happier with that family link, believe me, than with another, on the other side of politics – a blasted feminazi, one of the early Suffragettes whose contribution to feminazidom was burning down Kew Gardens.

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