“Mundabor’s Blog” On Facebook

I had opened a facebook account some time ago, but I had never really used it other than to post my posts to the – I think it’s called – wall.

I have now decided to explore the world of facebook a bit better, and have therefore started to look around and to do stupid things while I learn how to use it properly.

In time, I might (unless this goes beyond my blogging pay grade) have one of those little thingies on the right hand column with “join me on Facebook”, or the like.

In the meantime, whoever finds facebook a more useful way to follow my blog (there will obviously be much more there, including links I liked, & Co.; again, I am just learning how it works) feel free to look for “Paul Eddington” and choose, among the many which will pop up, the one with the familiar Pope Pius XII photo.

Other than in real life, on facebook I have a very liberal “friends” policy and invite you to consider it as you would if you would follow me on Twitter; as a consequence, unless you are a self-professed atheist or otherwise unsound I will certainly accept you as “friend”, and you will then be able to follow on your facebook page what happens with my blog and my facebook activities.

Needless to say, I will not use this as a “private” activity of any kind, so you don’t need to be afraid to find the usual messages about “drinking a coffee now” (who cares a straw) and “feeling kinda happy” (ditto). The page will be used exclusively as an extension of the blog activities.


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  1. Good stuff, spread the word.

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