Padre Pio And The Mass

an instructing  video.

Please always remember: some saints (mostly women, with the exception of St. Francis) had the stigmata.

Some saints had the “odour of sanctity” (emitted a scent recognised by others, though generally not by themselves).

Some could read other people’s mind.

Some could foresee future events.

Some could miraculously bilocate.

Some could be the vehicle for God’s miracle.

Only one could ever do, and be, all these things.


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  1. It is written somewhere in The Little Flower or Life of St. Francis, that (the way this happened might be completely wrong, but the message is true) in a vision St. Francis saw how Christ promised the Father a new sacrifice, as perfect as he could make it, to stop His anger and allow humanity more time. The life of St. Francis was that sacrifice. I sometimes entertain the thought that the time we were given ran out just about the turn of the last century, and Christ made a similar promise to the Father once again.

    • Fugerunt,

      perhaps I am being poorly instructed here, but doesn’t it sound strange to you that a second Sacrifice should be necessary in the first place? Was the first not perfect enough, or did it have a best before date? And is it not odd that the life of St Francis, saint as he was, should be considered in any way, shape or form a surrogate or integration of Christ’s sacrifice?

      And if the life of St. Francis, who lived some 800 years ago, was that sacrifice, do we now need a third one?

      Just my thought, and certainly my mistake.


  2. A second sacrifice? Needed? Surrogate? I don’t understand. This is the same manner as Mary asking us in different apparitions for certain or increased prayers and sacrifices to avoid the chastisement of God. That isn’t “needed” for the Sacrifice of the Cross, but it is for our day, and is completely different from Christ’s sacrifice. I don’t see how you relate our and the saints sacrifices to that of Christ’s. If you’d say that it is somehow relativising Christ’s sacrifice well, then, I’m more than confused.

    • We are both confused then, fugerunt! 😉

      To me, Christ’s sacrifice was perfect, therefore I can’t envisage any need of quasi-christlike sacrifices of everyone else.

      Of course, everyone can – and should – make penance in reparation for the world’s sins, but I personally struggle in seeing in this any parallel with Christ’s sacrifice. Great as St. Francis was, I instinctively – no idea about how this is theologically – struggle to see any parallel with the Cross.

      As we are there, I am extremely grated also at those V II mass leaflets saying things like “with his sacrifice, Christ helps us to stand the trials of our lives”. Actually it is Christ who is in the foreground, not I; His suffering, not my little trials.

      End of rant.


  3. what is a good st. pio book?

  4. Try again, Fugerunt. Or not, as the case may be.

    But late or no late, if you can’t find the right words I will trash them.


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