Church And Taxes

The scale was in need of repair.

This was inevitable.

After many years in which the Catholic Church in the US (and elsewhere, no doubt) has chosen the necessity not to enter the political arena as a comfortable excuse to do nothing, once this state of things ends and the Church starts (not a day too soon) to openly defend Catholicism in what, unavoidably, involves decisions of political nature, it is to be expected the calls to punish the Church for being Catholic could not be far away.

This is now punctually happening, with the great homily of Bishop Jenky (already commented on this blog) likely to attract the unpleasant attentions of the IRS.

It goes without saying this is another attempt of the secular society to do Obama a favour and silence the Catholic voices within the country.  I am surprised, though, such cries of foul play and unpleasant attention do not take place when Catholic bishops criticise, say, proposed changes to immigration laws, or proposed cuts to welfare expenses, or the like.

You see, a Catholic bishop is expected to defend illegal aliens, but he is not expected to defend the unborn child. Make sense, right?

I do hope the US Bishop will react to such challenge (so it comes; and if you ask me, it will come) falling like a ton of bricks on whoever tries to silence them. They are in the middle of the ball and, as they say in Italy, now have to dance. It is better to attack with all weapons than to keep a low profile and hope the matter will die away.

It most certainly won’t, and Bishop Jenky is only the start.


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