Michael Voris On The Bad Nuns…

This video is in itself nothing extraordinary. If you read this blog, you know all this already.

What I find extremely refreshing is the energy with which Voris exposes the boundless hypocrisy of the nuns raping Catholicism (or Christianity tout court) for many decades, and then crying…. rape when someone suggests they try to change their way, if they can.

In fact, the only point I disagree with Voris in this video is the repeated use of the word “crackdown”. Doesn’t look much like a crackdown to me as precious little will be cracked in any way, shape or form. Again, it seems to me more like an open fatherly rebuke and the start of a very gentle process of, hopefully, reform. I also did not know of the vile attempt to mix together saintly women of the past, and wiccans of the present. Astonishing.

The result of the softly softly approach is that the b witches scream as loud as they can anyway, and the Vatican appears to have been, perhaps, too harsh on the old ladies, at least to the uninitiated and uninformed.

If the Vatican had kicked out a dozen or two among the worst of them, I am sure the sisters (not kicked out) wouldn’t have shouted any louder. Actually, I think possibly they wouldn’t have shouted at all. But even if they had, at least the world at large would have at least known beyond doubt what was going on among them.

Alas, we live in times where common sense is considered uncharitable.


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  1. Yeah, and the Holy Father is going after their little dogs too! No more ruby slippers for you my pretties! Heh, heh, heh, heh!

  2. Thanks for calling my attention to this video, very good and shared on FaceBook. I got here via Totus Tuus.

  3. Don’t know if I’ve already posted this, but Michael did an interview a few days ago with Colleen Hammond. You’ll hear about his powerful conversion story, and the future of RealCatholicTV.com!


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