Boris After The Victory

Time to smell the coffee…

So, Boris made it.

As largely expected and notwithstanding a desperate attempt of the communist drunkard to exploit and foment social divisions as he did his entire life, Boris managed to sign another four-year tenancy agreement in City Hall; which, by the by, puts him in a very good position to sign another agreement for an even more prestigious building the other side of the river at some point in future.

But now that Boris did it, and the danger of the red madman has been averted, it is fitting to point out to the shortcomings of the man, and to the danger this means for true Conservatives.

Firstly, Mr Johnson has in the last four years developed an unpleasant tendency to try to compensate his public blunders with a show of political correctness and “sensitivity” simply unknown to him before he was elected mayor.

Boris the Mayor participates to so-called “gay pride” parades and says he is now the Mayor of all Londoners so it’s par for the course. Interesting.  So, the day we get “incest pride parade” will he be there, too?

Then there is the recent episode with the Christian adv he has banned, showing an understanding of democracy and freedom of expression not far from Pol Pot’s, and sailing perilously close to the wind in times his boss the other side of the river is increasingly in trouble – among many other things – because of his anti-Christian “sensitivity” crap.

My impression is that whilst the man remains a talent, generally speaking a sound Conservative, and one of the best politicians around, we risk to lose him if he stops being the good old Boris we all knew and loved and tries to transform himself in another sanitised, harmless nincompoop spitting politically correct slogans because his adviser told him so.

Today, Boris is the one the entire nation looks at. It is clear that he is the designated alternative to the Chameleon, and that his content in Conservatism is vastly bigger. Yesterday shortly before midnight, Boris made his official entrance in Number Ten’s waiting room, and he seems destined to stay there until the current tenant is evicted. 

But please, please Boris, be true to your real character and do not become just another chameleon desperately in search of votes.


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