The Future? “Letter From An Executed Bishop”


A beautiful blog post from Deacon James Toner: the last letter to his sheep of a US Bishop executed in 2032. 

The letter may seem absurd to you, but again sodo-marriages would have seemed absurd to absolutely everyone not later than one generation ago, and the “hate crime” argument to silence every opposition to the liberal agenda far more recently than that.

A recurring theme is the observation that every time new oppressive or de-christianising measured were introduce, “some of our fellow Catholics avidly supported these things”.

The writer is US american, of course.

Had he been a Brit, he would have written “some of our bishops were avidly nuanced”.


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  1. I believe it was Cardinal Dolan that said he successor would die in jail and his successor would die a martyr. The Priest at my Parish (FSSP) told us we better hope to God that wasn’t a prophecy.

    • Jay, it was Cardinal George of Chicago:

      I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.

      Whether this is a prophecy or not will depend, I think, largely from the very bishops who want to die in their own bed. Courage and cowardice both always have a price.


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