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Some of you might remember a Michael Voris video posted some weeks ago about two bishops rebuking one of their own priests, one for being a heretic and the other for being a … Catholic.

The same has happened now in England, where none less than the Homo Mass Supremo, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, has distanced himself from declarations made from Mr. Edmund Adamus, one of his own aides.

Let us see the content of Mr. Adamus’ declarations:

1) “Gay rights”  and the commercialisation of sex have turned Britain into a “selfish, hedonistic wasteland” and “the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death”

Fair enough, says I. As far as the hedonism is concerned, this is actually the same stuff people like Nichols go around saying all the time, though they’d never dare to say it in a way that offends perverts. What is different here is that whilst Archbishop Nichols…

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  1. “Do not reflect his opinion”? “BO NOT REFLECT HOS OPINION”?

    Any Pope worth his salt would sack him on the spot just for that one line.

  2. BC,
    I suspect that the worse things get for Church and State, the better and stronger our popes will be going forward. As good as this pope has been in furthering the Truth and providing a path for reconciling Tradition (something that must appreciated), he has stopped far short of correcting many essential problems. But we all must remember the state of the Church before BXVI. There was far less hope than now. He is old and weakening and I suspect his last two enduring achievements will be the reconcilliation of the SSPX, and the canonization of Pope Pius XII.

    • We had a Pope who was bad at both talking and acting.

      Now we have a Pope who is god at talking, and bad at acting.

      I hope we’ll one day have a Pope who is good at both talking and acting.


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