True Faithful

Mater Misericordiae, sub tuum praesidium confugimus.

In case I have ever thought I am a zealous Catholic, this blog post from the always excellent Left-footer taught me to think differently.

In the words of its author:

You get on a bus in Elbląg at 9 o’clock in the evening, and travel for 11 hours without a break through north-eastern Poland, to arrive at the Vilnius bus-station at 7 in the morning.
The bus is old, Russian, cramped, packed, and without seat belts, equipped with a malodorous lavatory, and never reaches a speed above the legal maximum of 54 miles per hour. There are fewer seats than tickets sold, so one young man has to travel for 11 hours in the windowless sleeping compartment, intended for the driver, which is below the passengers.
Yet every year about half a million Poles travel, as I did last weekend.

If you follow the link you will also see the beauty of the church and the monuments surrounding it.

Hats off to Left-Footer and all those anonymous Poles who take such deprivation on themselves for the sake of their faith.


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  1. I have been to the place in the photo. It’s in the centre of Vilnius.

  2. Thank you my friend! The bus journey was laughably uncomfortable, but the pigrimage great fun. One of the many things I admire Poles is their joy in the ordinary pleasures of life such as prayer, company, food, and drink. We had a great time.

    • Not to mention they seem to put something in the water to make all girls blond, blue-eyed and stunningly beautiful… but I digress… 😉


  3. Sorry – “admire ABOUT Poles”.

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