Thank God For Joe Biden

The man has fans everywhere…

After his latest intervention, it is absolutely clear Joe Biden is a great weapon in the hands of Mitt Romney. A man able to say his “evolving” president isn’t “evolved” enough, whilst he is absolutely comfortable with so-called same sex marriage, exposes the hypocrisy of both: of Obama, who clearly wants to be perceived as the one who will deliver the goods, but can’t say it before the election; of Biden, because he shows the falseness of the official B.O. opinion.

Or perhaps Joe Biden is simply stupid; so stupid that he cannot  understand he makes his boss look false even in the eyes of his own supporters. Now they’ll have to explain how the President can’t come out in favour of sodomy, but his VP can; or alternatively, how they want to try to be smart, but if Joe Biden is in your ticket this is not in the cards.

I can’t wait now for BO’s  spin doctors trying to persuade us this is part of an intelligent strategy by which they let the one look very stupid and the other extremely false, which will then lead people to trust them because…. well, because they are so smart.

I am glad Joe Biden is the VP candidate again. I truly am. There is only one thing which would make him an even more suitable VP candidate.



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    The second link is so pathetically illogical I screamed.

    I honestly think he is delusional. I’ve noticed he always seems to be on t.v on Ash Wednesdays. Mostly, I think he is obsessed with political power, which translate to stupid.

    Every human has their weakness. Liberal communist/fascist/socialist/collectivist/moral relativist have the most.

    • I sometimes think “cocaine”, but in a vice president it sounds rather improbable it would not have come out before.

      Be it as it may, I’m glad he is the VP candidate… 😉


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