Gay Old Party?

Proud, yes. “Gay”, no. Ronald Reagan.



Interesting reflections on the American Spectator about the stance of the Republican Party towards sodomites.

Unsurprisingly, the picture is one of a party increasingly more detached from his own supporter, in the increasingly more aggressive push to gain voters from the legendary “centre ground” that must be the mother of most Republican defeats in the last fifty years.

I see the problem as twofold: on the one hand, you have the usual RINOs desperately chasing for support: I’d say the  hypocrisy of Rep. Allen West is very indicative of this group, with the claim of being “kept awake at night” from unemployment, but sleeping very well where his own salvation is concerned.  On the other hand, you have the neocons  and those who simply fail to get the proper religious side of things, with  Coulter and Christie two obvious examples. I think the first group is lost to every good cause and should be kicked out and replaced with Republicans, and the second group should be moved to endorse Christian value either by the evolution (real one, this time) of their system of value of by the implicit threat posed by  a clearly Christian electorate who will soon accept no bullshit from their representative concerning the matter. The very fact an openly homosexual group is recognised within the party says it all about the situation in today’s GOP.

Still, outside of the party corridors, in the real world, we can clearly see the American people are waking up. If you do not believe the Gallup polls showing a dramatic decline for support to so-called “gay marriage” among Republican, you have only to look at the real thing – the extremely eloquent outcome of the North Carolina vote – to see where the wind is blowing.

It is to me a source of never-ending amazement that so many politicians be intent in chasing a minuscule percentage of the electorate, with the risk of alienating vast part of the mainstream and the certainty of becoming the enemy of the hard-core conservatives. Even reasoning only from an electoral perspective, this might have worked when the issue was not such as to involve a vast part of the voters, but is more and more a suicidal policy as the voters take a stand and recover their Christian values. 

I hope that come November a fresh wave of truly conservative – and I mean not mere neocon, but also religious conservatives – legislators will make their ingress in the corridors of power, and shift the Republican policy both in the legislative activity and in the party stance on the matter.

We are in for some very interesting months, with religious issues now destined to take a prominent role and the two camps more opposed than I dared to hope. The recent “outing” of the president will leave less excuses to committed Christians to vote for him, and I do not doubt but a number of them will draw the conclusion and deny him his vote. If the Church keeps pounding on HHS and starts a fresh battle about sodomarriages, the double pronged attack from Catholics and Protestant will make things very difficult for Mr B Hussein O.



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  1. Mundabor, a few years ago, Alan Stang, a former member of the John Birch Society, published a book called “Not Holier Than Thou”. It was a book about sodomy in the GOP. It pretty much tells the same story as this article about the upper levels of the GOP being disconnected from it’s base on this subject. If the GOP isn’t careful, they may cause a split that could result in a third party being created, that might weaken our chances of getting rid of Obama.

    • Ah, interesting.

      Actually, a similar thing was attempted here, and it DID result in the creation of a third party (the UKIP). This, even if the first past th epost system made it extremely difficult for them to break through.


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