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Let me say beforehand – though those who have been reading me for some time, if any, know it already – that I do not have any problem with the sacramental validity of the Novus Ordo mass. None whatsoever.
I believe that there is only One Church and that Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia. It follows that I cannot believe that the consecration of this only Church has become a fraud.

This doesn’t mean, however, that I consider everything happening within this Only Church to be right. If we look at the past, we see various ages in which the Church has gravely failed to properly instruct the faithful and, in general, do a halfway decent job of things. The extreme corruption of pretty much everything regarding the Church in the IX and X Century is an example; the decadent, irreverent splendour of the Church of the XVI century is…

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  1. The Traditional Mass is definitely better. There are reasons why it has stood the test of time, and these reasons transcend mere opinion. To use some necessarily weak metaphors, the Traditional Mass is better than the New Mass for the same reason that a Thanksgiving banquet is better than Spam; or that a cable Internet connection is better than dial-up; or that a quiet library is better than a noisy one. I get taken to task for daring to compare the relative merits of the two forms of the Roman Rite, and my assertions are dismissed as a mere matter of taste and opinion; but if this is all just a question of taste and opinion, what never gets explained is why the tastes and opinions of the New Mass people should prevail over and exclude everyone else’s.

  2. Pop music, thrash metal, acid trance, modernist architecture, TV game shows, intellectual collapse, eco-fascism, the dictatorship of liberalism, Germain Greer, political correctness, every other kind of awfulness and the Novus Ordo all belong to the same stable of degeneracy.

    Kill it dead as soon as you can write a one page Motu Proprio, Holy Father!

  3. I am new to this blog. I was looking for latin prayers and I had my first latin mass yesterday. I do not have any problems of the traditional mass as well as what is after Vatican II. PPVI thru PBXVI wants unity, Jesus sent the 12 apostles to different places but all most be united under Peter. We have now the eastern rite, anglican rite, latin rite and current one. The latin rite we have now is not even the original one. This was created to have uniformity.

    Granpa Leo (Pope Leo XIII) in his Apostolic letter, Orientalium dignitas, published on November 30, 1894, declared:

    The maintenance in being of the Eastern rites is of more importance than might be imagined. The august antiquity, which lends dignity to these various rites is an adornment of the whole church and a witness to the divine unity of the Catholic faith. Perhaps nothing, in fact, better proves the note of Catholicity in the Church of God than the singular homage paid by these ceremonies which vary in form, which are celebrated in languages venerable by their antiquity, and which are still further hallowed by the use that has been made of them by the Apostles and Fathers of the Church.

    Pope Benedict XV asserted in the encyclical, Dei providentis, May 11, 1917: “The Church of Jesus Christ is neither Latin nor Greek nor Slav, but Catholic; accordingly she makes no difference between her children and Greeks, Latins, Slavs and members of all other nations are equal in the eyes of the Apostolic See.”

    As Catholic, I do not want to impose Latin in Asia or Africa. Our brothers and sisters there, do not understand it. I do not understand it. The most important thing is we are united in obedience to the Holy Father as he is the successor for Peter to whom Jesus gave the key.

    Pope John Paul wrote that we are two lungs.

    I am learning Latin because it is the language of the Catholic faith. I want to learn it but I do not want to impose it as it will alienates others.

    Right now, our Holy Father calls us in prayer to defend who we are us Catholics. This is our generation.

    • Congratulations for your first Latin Mass!

      But please consider: my grandmother did not understand Latin, but she could follow the Mass without any problem. If you ask me, if there is the Roman rite, than the mass must be in Latin. Even epople from China and Japan learn an entire language (English) withotu overt diffciulties. They’ll cope with the bit of Latin, and a translation.

      Unless, of course, one should belong to different rites.


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