Mundabor’s Contribution To Ecumenical Dialogue

The sensible, charitable approach to heresy…

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  1. Let’s call this plane St Louis the Ninth, after the French king who upheld the faith and fought heresy!

    • I like the name, Stephen 😉

      though the plane already has an official (“Thunderbolt II”) and an unofficial name (“Warthog”).

      You may or may not know that the plane, basically, exists to carry around the GAU-8 cannon. This is a rather unbelievable piece of equipment carrying the interesting name, “Avenger”…

      As they say, sometimes a picture says more than thousand words…


  2. I have only ever taken part in one ecumenical service. I found it very uplifting (see below as to why!), even though I had to be press-ganged by the Catholic priest into it.

    We were the only two Catholics present. The other twelve people were Salvation Army-ists.

    Now, the Salvation Army refuses to kneel, for some reason. Hence, the priest as a joke decided to offer them the Stations of the Cross said in the old way with he and I kneeling before each Station. He may have incensed each Station as we went round.

    The Salvation Army visibly grew more and more nervous and agitated as we completed the devotion, and left immediately afterwards. The priest and I looked at each other and we both roared with laughter in unison.

    That is the kind of ecumenism one can accept. Totally uncompromising in its Catholicity. And what was hopeful was that the priest was only doing it to fulfill an order from his Bishop. It was clear he thought the whole charade a total waste of time. One hope the majority of priests think as he did.

    Ecumenism, despite the torrent of words from Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and priests is as dead as a dodo, isn’t it?

    It doesn’t work. We must simply go back to converting people.

  3. On the eastern coast of England some twenty years ago.

  4. I wasn’t. I had a few weeks sometimes “on duty”, then slipped back and away again. Long since changed all that, thanks be to God.

  5. The next best thing to all things heavenly is the A-10 and all the hell and brimstone it delivers.

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