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On the 7th October of 1571, one of the greatest naval battles of all times took place in Lepanto, off western Greece, between the Holy League of several European countries and potentates (mainly: Spain and Venice) and the then extremely feared Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans had not lost a naval battle for centuries and their expansion in Mediterranean waters had become so dangerous that an attack on Rome was not out of the question anymore.

The battle proved such a stunning victory that the Ottomans never regained their former supremacy on the Mediterranean. Interestingly, this was due not to the difficulty or cost of replacing the material (the Ottoman suffered an almost annihilation of their fleet but with a huge effort had their fleet completely rebuilt in around a year), but in the impossibility of recreating an entire generation of skilled soldier and archers, whose training was extremely long and…

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Bishop Fellay And The Chalice

Make no mistake, this is nobody’s fool: Bishop Fellay.


Interesting blog post from Richard Collins at Linen on The Hedgerow. The more interesting, because this is an episode lived directly by the author.

From this short but telling episode it appears Bishop Fellay is not only an extremely orthodox man, but also a very attentive, inquisitive mind, not prone to superficiality in what might be seen as, in a way, less important things. I liked the character emerging from the story through and through.

By reading the beautiful blog post you will, I am sure, also gain the impression the SSPX is in very good hands, and this is the last person who would sell it out, or wilfully harm it, or be cajoled into some dangerous compromise.



Advertising Standards Authority Are Out Of Their Mind

Please consider clicking to his page and supporting Cranmer after the astonishing attack from a bunch of politically correct  minus habens at the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The lucky expression “smouldering faggots” seems appropriate.

This is like Kafka in the XXI century. Worse, actually, because this is supposed to be a free country.

Also please read Cranmer’s provisional response.

Truly, this beggars belief.  I hope some heads will roll, though I doubt it.

If Cranmer will mount some petition, I will be glad to support it.

This truly must end.


P.s. it pays to have one’s blog in the United States.  It serves those faggots at the ASA right.

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