Advertising Standards Authority Are Out Of Their Mind

Please consider clicking to his page and supporting Cranmer after the astonishing attack from a bunch of politically correct  minus habens at the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The lucky expression “smouldering faggots” seems appropriate.

This is like Kafka in the XXI century. Worse, actually, because this is supposed to be a free country.

Also please read Cranmer’s provisional response.

Truly, this beggars belief.  I hope some heads will roll, though I doubt it.

If Cranmer will mount some petition, I will be glad to support it.

This truly must end.


P.s. it pays to have one’s blog in the United States.  It serves those faggots at the ASA right.

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  1. Mundabor,
    you know, this article is practical lived ecumenism as it should be. A traditional Catholic supports a conservative Anglican who is being persecuted partly for his Christian faith.

    A brother in the faith, a fellow Christian, in danger. Where are all those modernist “ecumenical” organisations when you need them…? One gets the impression they are not so much in favor of Christianity but opposed to Catholicism.

    Mundabor, you ecumenist… Et tu… 😉

    • Catocon,

      I am trying to help the Christian, not the heretic.. 😉

      But you are absolutely right, Cranmer doesn;t seem very much the favourite of the liberals… I wonder why?


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