Bishop Fellay And The Chalice

Make no mistake, this is nobody’s fool: Bishop Fellay.


Interesting blog post from Richard Collins at Linen on The Hedgerow. The more interesting, because this is an episode lived directly by the author.

From this short but telling episode it appears Bishop Fellay is not only an extremely orthodox man, but also a very attentive, inquisitive mind, not prone to superficiality in what might be seen as, in a way, less important things. I liked the character emerging from the story through and through.

By reading the beautiful blog post you will, I am sure, also gain the impression the SSPX is in very good hands, and this is the last person who would sell it out, or wilfully harm it, or be cajoled into some dangerous compromise.



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  1. I’ve had the great honor of lunching with Bishop Fellay nearly a decade ago. I walked away with the impression of a deeply spiritual man.

    • Apparently this is a striking feature of his, as everyone who meets him seems to say the same!
      I have decided I will trust him to do the right thing without worrying at every half word or hint appearing on the internet.


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