ASA Exposed As Pathetic PC Liars

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The Advertising Standards Authority were certainly aware, when they issuesd their pathetic press released yesterday ( your humble correspondent has reported), that there would be some rather difficult days ahead.

What they might not have expected is Cranmer’s annihilating answer  to their, as already stated, weak and pathetic press release.

I invite you to follow the link in order to understand the extent to which the most elementary freedoms are being eroded in XXI Century England, propelled by PC Nazis who do not have the least idea of what freedom of opinion is. 

Once again, if the ASA is to keep a minimum of credibility, heads will have to roll on this. Not to draw the consequences from such unspeakable behaviour (with the ASA answer almost as bad, and just as stupid) means to send the signal that every organisation with some sort of public function can bully members of the public unpunished.  


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  1. Alternatively, it might well have the effect of emboldening the oppressed majority to rise up and tell these petty tyrants where to put their PC nonsense. It’s about time…

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