ASA Chairman Chris Smith Has To Go

Homosexualist Chris Smith has to go.



If you have any doubt concerning the extremely dangerous influence the homosexual mafia tries to win over British media, you only need to go back a bit (or use the search function) and read my blogs of the past weeks concerning the extraordinary PC step of the ASA in favour of sodomites and assorted perverts complaining about the Coalition for Marriage campaign.

It now turns out (again, from the Cranmer Blog) that the ASA chairman, Chris Smith, himself is:

1) a former Labour MP and thus politically not above suspicion in a highly political matter;

2) an homosexual, probably a sodomite

3)  the Vice President of The Campaign for Homosexual Equality, and 

4) that became VP of the organisation mentioned under 3) three years after becoming chairman of the ASA. 

The arrogance and disregard of every principle of decency, not on ly in sexual morals but in one’s political activity, is stunning even for a Labour MP.

The Nazis are among us, and they will  use every means at their disposal to, well, screw us. 

It is a clear symptom of the state of grave illness of the British democracy that this, well, man has not been forced to resign yet.


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