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(Anti)Pope Hans I And His Enablers

To put it mildly, Hans Kueng does not age gracefully.

This vecchio malvissuto, who has thrown away his entire life (and, unless he repents, his soul) prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls has now decided to burn the last bridge and, in two words, declare Pope Benedict’s papacy illegitimate if a reconciliation with the SSPX becomes reality.

As always, this blog will not say things half, and I must say that there are two scandals here:

1) a liberal madman going to always new extremes in his madness, and

2) a Catholic hierarchy utterly unable to punish in an exemplary manner anyone related to the Holy Father by way of friendship, or acquaintance, or former professional activity.

It is  beyond belief that in 2012 this man has not been excommunicated. This is not meekness. This is cowardice, incompetence, and a huge scandal. 

Every time some nut case like Kung speaks, others follow him, souls get lost, and Christians get confused. The fact this man is not allowed to teach anymore is an almost insignificant detail compared to what the entire planet clearly perceives: that this is a priest in good standing and has been so his entire life. Every time such things happen I wonder who will be judged more severely, the nutcase talking dangerous nonsense or the sane man who did not warn others of this danger, and whose job it was to do just that; then the particular menace with these people is that the nonsense apparent to an adequately instructed man sounds perfectly reasonable to those not taught to think properly.

If a couple of dozen hotheads among politicians and theologians were excommunicated, they would clearly not stop spreading their manure; but Catholics would not be confused, and the nutcases in question would soon fall into irrelevance like those occasional former bishops with wives, and other similar deluded cretins who make a couple of headlines for some days and are then considered too irrelevant even for the boulevard papers.

As it stands, the Church screams from the rooftops she is not interested in being taken seriously, in caring for good catechesis, and in protecting the simplest or least instructed among the faithful from such ravenous wolves.

For shame.



Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

The Government plans to oppose the case, presented by two British Christians, in which they demand the right to wear a Cross at work.

This is, says the Telegraph, the first time the Government is forced to say where it stands on the matter.Not, mind, out of its own initiative, but because the relevant documents were leaked to the Sunday Telegraph.

Note that the angry reaction came from the former so-called Archbishop of Canterbury, Carey. and from others among his colleagues, whilst prominent Muslims (Rowan Williams) and heathens (Vincent Nichols) do not seem, at least to my knowledge, equally vocal.

This is, though, the last example of how Cameron’s Government actively wages war against Christians.

And this moron should call himself, and be called, a Conservative?

What a joke.


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