Little “Dump Starbucks” Monday Exercise

What he says…

1) Log in your Facebook account

2) Find the Starbucks account (extremely easy).

3) Send a very short message: like “forget me as a client as long as you continue to encourage sexual perversion and to attack Christianity”. No gentle words. The brutal truth.

How long will it take? One minute? Ninety seconds?

Hardly ninety seconds, really…



P.s. Thanks RM, text corrected; hopefully right this time…

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  1. I’m not drinking starbucks anytime soon. Mostly because of the Gay Marriage thing. Are Catholics obliged to boycott starbucks though?

    • I wouldn’t say one should feel obliged. But I think it is the right thing to do. The question would be, to what extent one feels that if he gives money to them, he is abetting sodomy. To me, the link is strong enough; another person might disagree.

      As a catholic one isn’t even obliged to believe in the Fatima apparitions, so I would hesitate to be as drastic as that.


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