“Pagan Babies” And NuChurch

Shock!! Horror!!

A sadly interesting article on the Catholic News Service. The article deals with something I have not lived, but some of the older and wiser of my readers might recollect; the “adoption” of a “pagan baby” encouraged in past decades.

I can’t see anything wrong, anything at all, with converting to Christianity pagan (as in: pagan) babies; but this is obviously not really good nowadays, in the era of the 12-lanes way to heaven only closed to Dr Goebbels and (many would have told you in the past; not for long, I think….) Archbishop Lefebvre.

Father Small, national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States, does “not apologise” (how brave is that, uh?) for the past campaigns, but he clearly takes the distance from the tones and the spirit of the initiative:

“We can smile at it now at perhaps how silly it was,” says the good father, feeling so superior to those generations of good Christian children sincerely depriving themselves of what was at the time much more scarce than today to help a pagan (as in: pagan) baby to grow up as a Christian. You can, in fact, clearly taste in him the same airs of smug superiority he (clearly, if implicitly) accuses past generations of having. Father also talks of “apparent condescending tones at times”, which might appear an unbiased comment if it had not come from the one who has just reflected on “how perhaps silly” the entire exercise was.

In fact, what the good priest does is to stress the good that was meant by those poor insensitive Catholics obsessed with a white (or westerner) sense of moral superiority but in the end desirous to do some good. We, the post-hell generation, look at them with a mixture of self-satisfied sadness and condescending sympathy.

To give you an idea of how bad the situation is, and how secular ideas have now infiltrated every small expression of Catholicism, please note the following passage (emphasis mine):

“Through their action the proclamation of the Gospel also becomes an intervention on behalf one’s neighbor, justice for the poorest, possibility of education in the most remote villages, medical aid in isolated places, emancipation from poverty and rehabilitation for the marginalized, overcoming ethnic divisions and respect for life in all its stages,” Archbishop Vigano said.

The good archbishop knows evangelisation isn’t really cool nowadays. In order to validate what the Church does you must always, always mix it with the deities of modern times: social justice, education, health, wealth, and the likes. You see here the “proclamation of the gospel” is clearly reduced to a side effect, and its salutary effect is not even explained: what is put in the centre is the worldly result of the activity. 

This is something which never ceases to anger me of the modern “work” of Catholic hierarchies:

1) the continuous need to let you feel everything they do is linked to V II (cue the JP II Catechism, made unwieldy and impractical from the endless notes, all meant to show you NuChurch is behind everything they say) and (particularly evident here)

2) the uninterrupted need to show you the Church is “engaged” in pretty much everything  but what should be her primary practical  task: the salvation of souls.

The words of the Archbishop are a short explanation of everything that is wrong with the Church of today: the desire to be friends with the world by substituting the church’s world for the world’s. Hey, look at how “social” Jesus was! And he loved the environment so000 much!

Even the expression “pagan babies” is now a no-no and Father Small does not seem to care to explain to us why this should be so: where I grew up a baby without Christ was a pagan baby, and the fact was as hard as it was incontrovertible (and yes: this nowadays includes a number of our relatives, friends and neighbours; Pagans all of them, babies included: may God have mercy of us all…). Not so in the post- V II, “the Holy Ghost does all the job”-Church, where the phrase “an appellation that would never be used today” is used to describe a factual truth so self-evident that it does not even need an explanation.

Mala tempora currunt.  Decidedly, the reconciliation of the SSPX – and with it, hopefully, the possibility to act more effectively against the errors of neo-Modernism – cannot happen a day too soon.


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  1. I run into this attitude from ‘modern’ Catholics who think I’m uncharitable for telling the bums they are trespassing when I find them drinking and urinating on the front step of our Church.

    • Funny, but so tragically true, Nannygirl.

      I know an episode of a bum who once went into the church and started to urinate on the wall.

      The priest literally kicked his ass out, or so he told me.


  2. One of these days I need to write an article addressing the fact that it is wrong to give alms to lazy people. Every other Sunday we get scam artists or drunks approaching people in the church parking lot and if I get out there in time, I run them off. Yes, I’m called mean because I ask a few questions before I would give up any of my husband’s hard-earned money (and my son’s inheritance). There has only been one legitimate request in all the 3 years – a poor woman who asked for blankets for her kids, which we purchased for her. All the rest have been found to be liars.

    Like the man who struck up a conversation with one of our members about how all he needed was $9 more so he could get a bus ticket and get home to his wife in Denver. I stepped in and started asking questions. He claimed that the wife had $100 and he showed me $16 in his wallet. The ticket was $125. Right then and there I offered to go to the bus station and give them the money, but that we would not give him any cash. Immediately he started cursing at me. He showed up the following week, but this time his wife was in Houston. When I mentioned that last week she was in Denver, he looked stunned and claimed he’d never been in our church before. More cursing…obviously a con artist.

    A gal claimed she needed money to get a cab because her car was broken down and she needed to pick up her daughter from daycare. I offered to take her to pick up her daughter, but she told me that i might be a rapist, so no thanks, she’d just take the money. I told her we never just give people money and offered to call my husband to send a mechanic to look at her car. She left. There was no car.

    I used to have to call the police every so often to get rid of a bum who would hide in the parking lot and approach the older ladies for money in an aggressive manner -(I need $20 right now!) He would hold them hostage at their car door. He could never keep his story straight as to how many children he had and couldn’t tell us their names or ages. when we offered to bring groceries to his apartment and meet his children, he became irate. In 3 years, we never saw any children.

    All this to say that many of our members think that we should just give everyone whatever they want or we’re being mean. There is no thought of the person’s eternal soul or what effect their sin is having on them. No call to repentance – no that’s “being judgmental”. The insidious “social gospel” which is no Gospel. This “helps” no one.

    • Excellently said!
      Though I am surprised at how “ambitious” the us beggars are. Here in London they sit and wait for the 20p and 50p coins…


  3. M.,

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw the little certificate with Baby Jesus feeding the little ones of every race. Our 4th grade classroom was literally plastered with those certificates and we, as a class, were beaming proud to have raised enough money to “name” yet another pagan baby. Isn’t the gift of the gospel the greatest gift you can give one who has never had the opportunity?

    Alas, so many lies have been propagated since Vatican II. There is no sense of evangelization among most Catholics. I believe a recent survey was taken of US Catholics of whom 70% felt no personal responsibility for evangelization. The only responsibility is “social justice” and in many, many parishes that means, believe it our not, running in the “Race for the Cure” sponsored by the Susan B. Komen foundation. It has been reduced to that! I am so sick of that organization and how the feminized Church has embraced it.

    I am so overwhelmed with all that has gone awry…

    • Ah, I am glad to have given you some good reminiscence, Akita-ette…

      You are entirely right of course, and I think in the UK we are not far away from the situation you describe…


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