Awkward Request

I always feel slightly embarrassed and a bit awkward when writing “please pray for this or that”.

Firstly, it has something sanctimonious, as one should actually already be aware that people do pray, particularly in case of events with vast media echo, without the need of anyone’s prompting; secondly, because every day is heavy with tragedies all over the planet, and it seems very media-driven to pick the tragedy which happens to be picked by radio and TV.

Still, as I am a human being and, as they say, my own toothache worries me more than the earthquake in China, I cannot avoid feeling more solidarity with the victim of today’s earthquake in Italy than I would with the other, unnamed and certainly even worse tragedies which have happened today.

Now, you might or might not have other toothaches, and you are very likely not to be Italian.

But I still dare to ask for a Hail Mary firstly for the victims, and secondly for those whose life has been affected by today’s events.


P.s. I personally am also reminded, in such cases, of the fact that much as we think technology, safety and doctors have everything under control, we still do not know the day or the hour. A sobering thought to carry with us by our night prayers.

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  1. Two HM”S said and done, Mund!

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