“For Greater Glory”: What Price Would You Pay For Freedom?

Beautiful landscapes, fine music, great actors, and sound Catholicism. What do you want more to part from some dollars?

What about the price of a cinema ticket?

Too much to ask?

Remember, folks: the three days starting on Friday are decisive.

On Monday it will be too late.

And yes, everyone else has things to do, too… 😉

EDIT: The press has already started dissing this movie as too Catholic, and spitting the usual hate. As I write, the critics (ok, you’ll say they are irrelevant; perhaps they are, perhaps they aren’t…)  on rotten tomatoes only give it 4.5/10. 

Please, please help give them a lesson!

EDIT II: As the weekend starts on the East Coast, please please please twit the link of the movie to all your friends and acquaintances! Put it in your blog!  Tell everyone you are going to see this movie! Go to see the movie and tell encourage others to do the same! On Monday it might be too late!  


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  1. The American movie critic, Roger Ebert, has complained that FTGG is “too Catholic”. What a dumb ass! Mexico is a Catholic country, is it really that hard to understand!? He griped that it only showed the Catholics fighting for liberty. Marron! The Protestants, Jews, and Masons were supporting the government, they were fighting against the Catholics! God, I’m sp ashamed of the ignorance of my fellow Americans!

    • That’s fantastic…

      He probably thinks the movie should have shown teenagers in flip-flops saying the “f” word every three seconds, the omnipresent “gay friend” and a couple of joints to make it “less Catholic”?

      This is, by the way, not only ignorance. One who is ignorant and therefore shuts up has at least limited the damage. This is ignorance which wants to teach. What an arrogance.

      A curiosity, Stephen: how near is the nearest cinema who screens the movie to you? The US are so vast that even if a movie has a large distribution one wonders how many are reached, unless of course the movie be a giant like “Avatar”, or the like.


    • Mund, we have a saying here in the states,”Will It Play in Peoria?” I live in Peoria, and it’s playing as of this Friday, June 1st. When I go, I’m going to make it a point to yell “Vivo Cristo Rey!” when our boys on the screen do. BTW, during the Cristo War, members of the Klu Klux Klan, which was Masonic, volunteered to go to Mexico to fight the Cristo’s. If any of them went, I hope the Cristo’s took real good care of them.
      Also, speaking of dope smoking, smoking marijuana was quite common among the revolutionaries in Mexico during the 1900-1920 period. It was so common, verses were added to the famous folk song, “La Cucaracha” to reflect this habit.
      Also, in closing, Pancho Villa, the well known bandit and revolutionary, was the illegitimate son of a Mexican Crypto-Jew.

    • Thanks Stephen, very interesting and happy crying!!

      Is it a good sign that in plays in Peoria?


    • Mund, the saying, “Will It Play In Peoria” originated in the days of vaudville entertainment. When entertainers wanted to know if their acts would have a nation-wide appeal, they would test them out in Peoria. Peoria was regarded as the quintessential American city, that the typical likes and dislikes of Americans were mirrored. If an act succeeded in Peoria, it would probably do well elsewhere.

    • Thanks, Stephen!


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