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LCWR: Dissent Continues Undisturbed And With No Fear Of Consequences

The solution.

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about issues of Governance in the Church.

If you want to have another example of what is wrong in the way the post-V II  emasculated and gutless Church operates, you only need to read the salient phrases of the last provocation of so-called “sister” (of whom, I wonder) Theresa Kane, the one who knew women can’t be priests but had to ask the Pope anyway.

The interview is shocking, as is the entire magazine publishing it (I’ll have to write one post one of these days: the home page reads like a very confused collection of themes chosen by adolescents who do not know what they want to be when they grow up, but already know they’ll never be Catholics…).

What transpires from this, is that the revolt continues unabated, only more aggressive and shameless because the so-called sisters know that nothing will happen to them.

The only result of the Apostolic Visitation has been, up to now, a bigger visibility for these witches. They are, in fact, preparing for the (too) gentle improvement suggestions coming from the Vatican, and making very clear as long as they live (this might, ehem, not be very long) the “fight” will continue.

It is to me incomprehensible how any organisation can accept such level of disobedience without any reaction which can be measured in facts, rather than words. This, after rather 40 years in which the dissent had been extreme and the reaction, again, limited to muttering and empty declarations without any practical consequence.

These witches must get the boot. All f them, starting from so-called sister Kane.   I cannot see any other way in which the squandering of money generously donated by generations of sincere Christians can be stopped, and this troops of rabid women (when they aren’t lesbian, in which case I am at a loss to understand how they would want to be called) can be prevented from further confusing the Catholics.

The Vatican should seriously consider punishing the likes of “sister” Kane in an exemplary manner, throwing them on the street as utterly undeserving of even one penny of Christian money.  Let the readers of the “Fishwrap” pay for them, and let us use the money they would have cost for worthy Christian purposes. 

But no, the reality is that the witches will be allowed to continue with their hysteric whining and bitching until they die, hopefully rather soon. This is how the effeminate post- V II Church  deals with heresy (or outright challenge to Christian values) from within her midst: allowing it to become more vocal as she whispers some words of disapproval.

What a shame.


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What about the price of a cinema ticket?

Too much to ask?

Remember, folks: the three days starting on Friday are decisive.

On Monday it will be too late.

And yes, everyone else has things to do, too… 😉

EDIT: The press has already started dissing this movie as too Catholic, and spitting the usual hate. As I write, the critics (ok, you’ll say they are irrelevant; perhaps they are, perhaps they aren’t…)  on rotten tomatoes only give it 4.5/10. 

Please, please help give them a lesson!

EDIT II: As the weekend starts on the East Coast, please please please twit the link of the movie to all your friends and acquaintances! Put it in your blog!  Tell everyone you are going to see this movie! Go to see the movie and tell encourage others to do the same! On Monday it might be too late!  


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High Street Bookstores: Return To Sanity?

Beautiful places. Please don’t ruin them.

One of the things I first noticed when I arrived in Blighty is the “Gay and Lesbian” section in every bookstore. Perhaps they were already there in Germany, but if so they were hidden. In England, it was shouted.

I could not avoid wondering how such a tiny part of the population – even for those who can’t see homosexuality is a perversion – should have deserved such a vast attention. Granted, it is widely believed homos have on average a higher disposable income than non-perverts, but I still can’t see the logic: if the married part of the population has less disposable income because they spend for their children, then it is still better to try to sell more children’s book, I would say, than running after tiny minorities of perverts.

The fact is, I think, that in this country bookstore managers tend to be rather leftists, and many of them possibly perverts themselves. The amount of books about Obama, for example, stood in sharp contrast to the book about Bush; which, when they were there, were almost invariably bitterly critical.

It was, therefore, clear to me bookstore manager in this country do not put on their shelves what they think will work, but what they think you should read. Like every leftist, they are nannies wanting to educate you, and let you become as bad as they are.

Then the recession came, and the chicken came home to roost. “Books etc.” went to the dogs, and “Borders UK” followed suit. The biggest one, “Waterstone’s”, was threatening (or promising, as the case may be) to go the same way, when a completely new management took over several months ago.

Very recently I visited a Waterstone’s bookstore, which shall remain unnamed. I was, I must say, very pleasantly surprised.
There was a huge (and I mean: huge) children section, as someone must have understood that in this country there are still many more children than perverts; and though I have looked for it for very long, I could find no “gay and lesbian” section. I am rather sure of that, because I walked through the entire store three times, to the point I attracted the attention of several salespeople. I do think it very probable that it was just not there; but if it was, it was hidden in such a way as to make it very difficult to find it. The bookstore being placed in a rather conservative part of this once great Country, I cannot exclude it was felt parents and grandparents would not bring their children in a bookstore with a “gay and lesbian” section. Interesting, uh?

It can be this is the initiative of a single bookstore manager, rather than a generalised return to sanity. But even if it was only one example, it goes to show when political bias – or outright faggotry – threaten to destroy a business going back to sanity suddenly becomes a compelling business proposition.

I will, from now on, perform the same exercise in every bookstore I visit, and will systematically refuse to buy any book whatsoever in a high street bookstore with the “gay and lesbian” section. Alas, I know Amazon has it too, so please let me know of any generalist internet bookstore – preferably in Europe – whose owners prefer to make business in a decent way.

For now, I salute this very small – but inconceivable only some years ago – return to sanity.


Michael Voris on “Homophobia”

Interesting reflections from Michael Voris, pointing out to the enemy within.

Personally, I would like to add a couple of observations:

1) As far as I know, the term “homophobia” was coined in decades past in the medical community to describe the hate homosexuals have for themselves. This might or might not be true, but it cannot be denied one of the plagues coming with this perversion is an extremely strong despise of self, which in itself leads to high numbers of suicides, psycho-somatic diseases, and the like. It also leads, if you ask me, to a desperate need of a stage providing them with public approval, which is why so many homosexuals end up in the entertainment industry, or in politics.

2) I am not entirely sure Voris does homosexuals a favour when he calls their affliction a “cross”. Yes, of course it is a cross in the same way as pedophile tendencies are “a cross”, but to me a “cross” is rather something one can’t do anything about, and must carry because it is the Lord’s will that he does. Say, a mother bears the cross of her son deceased in Afghanistan, or of a disease: there is no remedy to the evil, and the cross must be born as one can.

I this case, the use of the word “cross” might engender the (utterly wrong) impression that God makes people pervert, and they have to bear the cross because hey, there’ s no remedy to it, they’re born that way.

I think this is not the way Voris thinks, but wanted to point out to it because in the strange and disturbing times we live the step between being charitably concerned for one’s wrong tendencies and justifying one in his being homosexual is rather short.

Once again: God makes no one pervert. It might be that someone has acquired this perversion in early years, but this cannot have happened in an involuntary manner. One becomes homosexual in the way one becomes pedophiles: not listening to, and going against, the natural law God has planted within him as in everyone else.


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Mundabor's Blog

Very courageously, His Heremeneuticalness has published a scandalous video of “bidding prayers” in a so-called “gay mass”. You find the video here.

If you have the stomach to listen to it, not only you will hear the usual passive-aggressive “oh how I am persecuted” crap, but you will notice the lectern covered with a rainbow cloth. In a sacred place. At Mass.

When you are already wondering whether this is a joke, or some fake staged by right-wing extremists, you’ll see a strange guy dressed in drags, the very epitome of a carnival figure, reading some of the prayers with a desperate attempt to look and sound like a stupid woman, and only succeeding in making a very sad joke of himself.

Of course, we know that such people exist. People not only perverted in their sexual orientation; not only utterly refusing to do anything against it – and…

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