Michael Voris on “Homophobia”

Interesting reflections from Michael Voris, pointing out to the enemy within.

Personally, I would like to add a couple of observations:

1) As far as I know, the term “homophobia” was coined in decades past in the medical community to describe the hate homosexuals have for themselves. This might or might not be true, but it cannot be denied one of the plagues coming with this perversion is an extremely strong despise of self, which in itself leads to high numbers of suicides, psycho-somatic diseases, and the like. It also leads, if you ask me, to a desperate need of a stage providing them with public approval, which is why so many homosexuals end up in the entertainment industry, or in politics.

2) I am not entirely sure Voris does homosexuals a favour when he calls their affliction a “cross”. Yes, of course it is a cross in the same way as pedophile tendencies are “a cross”, but to me a “cross” is rather something one can’t do anything about, and must carry because it is the Lord’s will that he does. Say, a mother bears the cross of her son deceased in Afghanistan, or of a disease: there is no remedy to the evil, and the cross must be born as one can.

I this case, the use of the word “cross” might engender the (utterly wrong) impression that God makes people pervert, and they have to bear the cross because hey, there’ s no remedy to it, they’re born that way.

I think this is not the way Voris thinks, but wanted to point out to it because in the strange and disturbing times we live the step between being charitably concerned for one’s wrong tendencies and justifying one in his being homosexual is rather short.

Once again: God makes no one pervert. It might be that someone has acquired this perversion in early years, but this cannot have happened in an involuntary manner. One becomes homosexual in the way one becomes pedophiles: not listening to, and going against, the natural law God has planted within him as in everyone else.


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