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Read here a beautiful entry of a Catholic blog called The Deacon’s Bench about the many reasons why a Catholic priest should wear a Roman collar.

In reading it, though, I could not avoid thinking that many priests nowadays do not wear a clerical collar; they actually do not wear clerical garments at all. Why is that? Because they want to “mix”, be “one of us”, be considered “friends” rather than “pastors”.

So far, so bad.

But then one thinks: if the Church wants to be recognisable, why has the Church tolerated the spread of clerical garments (the so-called “clergyman”, at least in Italy) making them look pretty much like Anglican clergy?

If you modify clerical garments and make them more similar to normal garments (with trousers, shirt and jacket), why should you as an institution be surprised that some priests understand the motives of the modification and happily go…

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Meet Rebecca, Planned Parenthood Gendercide Consultant

This is pretty strong stuff.

Gendercide is alive, kicking and actually considered perfectly normal from the point of view of genocidal Planned Parenthood Nazis. There is no remorse, not even the slightest embarrassment. This is deeply disquieting. I had read in the past Planned Parenthood does not deny allowing such practices but it was from a third-party source; this comes, so to speak, straight from Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Also note Rebecca says the lady can come back when she is five months pregnant. What happens then, you can read here.

We live in deeply disturbing times.


LCWR: The Pussyfooting And Namby-Pambying Goes On.

Gentle words won’t do much…

The CNA has another rather puzzling article about the way Archbishop Sartain says he is going to deal with the witch “sisters” of the LCWR. 

Now, everyone understands some diplomacy is in order here, and it is not improbable some rather harsher words have been and will be pronounced in private.

But is this really the case? Let us reflect the “sisters” have been going on undisturbed for around four decades, and their average age being 74 (as reported in the article: talk about wasted lives…) it is very clear a slow and diplomatic action is totally useless both in general and for the soul of the sisters involved, as the Grim Reaper will be much faster than the slow Vatican diplomacy/re-education intents.

Once again, I have the impression the Vatican isn’t really serious on this, and rather than doing something our men in the Vatican  prefer to be perceived to be doing something, which for many of them must be exactly the same thing.

This is like having in front of you an angry old bitch barking at you like it’s going out of fashion, and hoping to appease her by whispering to her “that’s a good girl”, or throwing her way some biscuits (in this case, the praise of the “sisters’ ”  “social work”). The simple reality is the bitch will continue to bark until a rather heavy stick persuades her it is better to shut up, and she  will die anyway long before the end of the long-term house-training program the Vatican seems to have in mind for her.

This is, I think, also very bad for the PR economy of the matter, as the clearly offensive attitude of the witches, erm, bitches, erm, “sisters” will let them appear as the persecuted victims, with the timid Vatican being perceived as the oppressive old uncle afraid of the brave suffragettes.

If you ask me, the Vatican  will take control of this only the day they decide to violently attack the sisters’ ideology, doctrine, and way of life, without any sweetening of the pill and without any attempt to be even interested in any form of “dialogue”.

If there is one thing Catholics at large understand rather well, is that a heretic has put (or barked) himself out of the Church. This message would get through undiluted and in all its devastating power.

On the contrary, the pussyfooting and namby-pambying  will put the sisters in control, and the Vatican in the defensive. It will also give the liberal press a field day, and the possibility to go on on this forever.  

Diplomacy is good in its own place, but I frankly think this is not patience born of strenght, but rather indecisiveness born of forgetfulness of how to be strong in the first place.


“For Greater Glory”: A Reader’s “Review”

Not helping: Charlize Theron in “Snow White”.
Give me the Disney movie anyway…


I just read this and cannot avoid dedicating a blog post to it (if you thought I would let the Sunday go without drumming up the movie you were seriously wrong anyway… ;0 )

@FrancisFaustina (you do no harm in following her on Twitter, methinks…) writes as follows:

I JUST GOT BACK from Seeing this film!!! IT IS WONDERFUL!!! I Highly recommend EVERY CATHOLIC and even EVERY CHRISTIAN go see it especially (not that Jews or Atheists should NOT go….EVERYONE should see this!) but especially Christians as we here in the US are getting ready to do battle with the Obama Administration and actually already are!

There are so many lines in the movie that the THEN President of Mexico said that you’d think it was Obama Himself talking! A REAL Eye opener for many as you see the slow progression of loosing your Religious Freedoms.

My friend and I (she’s a Secular Carmelite!) just HAPPENED to choose the same theatre on the same night at the same time as the Bishop was having JOIN THE BISHOP AT THE THEATRE night! That meant there was a ton of Catholics there and people could NOT hold back and would yell “RIGHT ON!” when things happened and at the end they began the Chant “Viva Cristo Rey!”

GO ASAP to see this!

Impressive, uh?

On another note, scouring the internet yesterday I have discovered the movie is having a huge success in Mexico, where it was Number one at the box office against a couple of big Hollywood productions debuting on the same weekend.

There are still no figures for “For Greater Glory”, says here at 15:45 London time on Sunday. It seems clear, though, that Charlize Theron is cleaning up (albeit from a huge 3,700 screen against around one fifth for our heroes), which certainly will not help.

In the absence of numbers, and notwithstanding the very good Mexican results (almost four million dollar made until now; a big success for Mexico, but still a long way to go for an ambitious production which cost $20 m) this might still end up a flop in the US, which would have repercussions on the freedoms of Catholics in the United States and deprive us European of the possibility of seeing the film on the big screen.

Please please follow our good reader in her enthusiasm and support the cause of Catholicism and religious freedom!

Viva Cristo Rey!


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