“For Greater Glory” Disappoints

Yours Truly’s probable “cinema screen” after the disappointing results.

… or better said, the American Catholics do.

Whilst the film has possibly not been drummed up in Catholic homilies as it should have been, it is clear it has failed to catch the imagination of the US minds and wallets. The official numbers for the weekend are now out   and they confirm the projections, forecasting a result which if it is not dismal, it is certainly disappointing.

Let us see some numbers. This film is a $20m production, and around 55% of gross sales remain in the hands of the producers. This means only to recover the costs this movie needs to gross around $45m. With the first weekend below $1.9m it is difficult to see this production to gross much more than three times that, or around $6m. If this happens, it means the biggest market on the planet – with 60 million Catholics and a raging controversy about religious freedom – did not manage to bring the producers more than 15% of the entire production costs, and forget the profits.

Granted, things might go better elsewhere: in Mexico, the film has already grossed the – for local standards, huge – amount of $ 3.2m, even defeating big Hollywood productions in its first weekend. But the story takes place in Mexico, and I cannot think this kind of success can be exported to the rest of Latin America.

Europe – if this film will ever come over here – will probably not be the source of great satisfaction either, as if the United Stated have failed to deliver on a film so near to the current political  debate it is  more than doubtful the old, tired and rather disinterested Europe will. Similarly, I can’t imagine many other countries to be so interested: the Philippines, perhaps?

Then there is the DVD/rental market, which will have money trickling in the tills for years, and the TV rights. And that’s that, really.

Now, it is clear this production will struggle to recover the costs, and even considering the risks of this business and the fact the industry accepts an awful lot of films will not bring any money I wonder how many of such productions we will be able to see in the future.

This is a bitter feeling, as one cannot escape the impression only one of these movies could contribute to change the political debate far more than all Catholic blogs you can care to think of, and if there was a right moment for a film like this it was now, in late Spring 2012.

Still, not all is black. The numbers were bad, but not dismal. The film will probably manage to stay in a fair number of screens for a few more weeks, and might prove somewhat resilient. All in all, the sum of all gross revenues, DVD sales, rentals and TV market might – just might – persuade some production house to produce another film of this sort.

Still, it seems the price Americans are ready to pay for freedom is not very high after all.


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  1. Mund, Americans are mostly Protestants, so that mght be the reason for the poor showing. However, as the Obummer continues his march toward totalatarianism, FGG might catch on in theaters and in DVD release as a way of expressing contempt and opposition the “The One”. Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. Catholics need to take their kids, grandkids, parish priest, and CCD head to see the film. This is the closest we are going to come to a Catholic epic. Moreover, it is an epic for millions of Christians around the world being slaughtered for their faith. @MichaelBarger1

  3. I agree with Michael…….ALL Catholics need to see this film! Here is the problem that I see……Theatres nowdays will only show this for maybe one week and if not strong they will pull the film. People that are going now and likeing it and telling their friends are going to have to tell them “DROP EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE AND RUSH OUT TO SEE THIS!”. People in America are so busy that to get them to DROP EVERYTHING is NOT going to be EASY!

    Secondly……the promoters I know TRIED to promote this film but I think for something like this they need to have a pre-screening for ALL Pastors and the Priests at LEAST several months before it’s release. THEN the leadership can not only work this into their homilies but they can organize nights at the theatre with their parishoners and also have flyers out in the churches to help promote it!

    Sometimes promoting “LIGHT” takes a lot more work than promoting “DARKNESS”.

    • Yes, but even without the wonderful machine propaganda, many priests would have known, and probably all the bishops would have known.

      The sense of urgency (“let the garden alone and go to the cinema NOW”) is what I have tried to convey for three days, certainly exasperating the one or other reader.

      This is a lost occasion. What a shame.


  4. I really feel so sad, the americans are washed of their brain, they seem more a Masons, that a Christians… poor American faith…

  5. Our priest, along with about 40 of the faithful went to see it on Sunday afternoon and everyone loved it. Unfortunately none of my liberal “Catholic” friends are interested – no peace and love and guitars…

    • Ah you see? The priest who was interested even had the time to organise a troop of 40. I wonder how many priests were interested, and how many bishops….


  6. One other thing is that it was not given a large market here. Many of my friends who live in other states complain that it’s not showing anywhere near their area at all, so they have no choice but to wait for the DVD…

    • Perhaps they will rotate and it will come to a theatre more near to the faithful in the next (very) few weeks; albeit I can imagine the distribution was more focused on the more Catholic states like California?


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