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Another excellent blog post from Fr Longenecker, “The Collapse Of Cultural Catholicism”..

Fr Longenecker explains the roots of the problem in very clear terms:

“[…]for the last forty years Catholics themselves have not taught Catholicism to their children. They’ve taught ‘American Catholicism’ which is a watered down blend of sentimentalism, political correctness, community activism and utilitarianism. In other words, “Catholicism is about feeling good about yourself, being just to others and trying to change the world.”

As a result of this,

The next generation has drawn the obvious conclusion that you don’t need to go to Mass to do all that. You can feel good about yourself much more effectively with a good book from the self-help shelf, or by attending a personal development seminar. You can be involved in making the world a better place without going to church.

According to the author,

The solution is simple: we…

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  1. One realm in which I’ve witnessed utilitarianism among Catholics is reproductive technologies. Catholics have embraced in-vitro fertilization and use of donor gametes whole hog. When you mention that this is against Catholic teaching, they look upon you as if you have two heads, with the rationale, “isn’t having children a good thing!? They think to have a child at any cost is their right. They are oblivious that the catechism explicitly teaches that these practices are immoral and there is no such thing as a “right to have a child”.

    Especially in the case of donor gametes, they are only thinking of themselves and not the child they create. In theory, if the practice becomes widespread enough, there is a good chance their offspring may end up falling in love and marrying a half sibling. There are reports of sperm donors fathering hundreds of children. How a Catholic could possibly think this was okay is bewildering.

    • “How a Catholic could possibly think this was okay is bewildering.”

      1. Poor instruction.
      2. Secular mentality
      3. Medical marijuana?


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