The First Gay President Is In Trouble

Very funny, and very credible…

Marriage supporters in Maryland have announced they have gathered more than double the signatures required to place a new law legalising and institutionalising sodomy and same-sex perversion before the people.

The vote will apparently take place in… November, together with the Presidential election.

Maryland has almost 6 million inhabitants, and 30% of them are black. It won’t be an easy time for many of them, as a Presidential campaign increasingly  focused on social/religious issues puts them more and more violently in front of the clear heathenism of their candidate.

Of course, it is not that Obama’s “coming out” will immediately alienate him “the Black vote”; but it will certainly make it more difficult for his traditional supporters to follow him. If even one in thirty abandons him it will be a big blow; if it is one in ten or twelve he will probably not survive it. By choosing – or possibly: after being forced by Biden’s stupidity – to alienate the moderate electorate, Obama is staking everything on a massive mobilisation of the minorities (particularly blacks) and angry fringes (sodomites, lesbians, child rapists, dog rapists, coprophagists, and their friends and supporters).

It seems very difficult to me that the strategy may work, and I struggle to think of a democratic President who fled to the left and was greeted there by enthusiastic multitudes securing reelection.I notice, on the other hand, that this brand of hard liberalism never secured Ted Kennedy a nomination, and when McGovern and Mondale were chosen to represent “change” they were more or less mercilessly filleted by Nixon and the Gipper respectively. Life at the left border of the political spectrum seems to be short and ending in painful death, at least if you want to become or remain President.

Of course, Obama will not lose in Maryland, as even Kerry was able to easily win the State in 2004 and Obama himself won in a landslide in 2008. But he is making it more and more difficult for him to win the race, and  considering 10 of 16 key battleground states have passed amendments to protect marriage I think Barack Hussein is making his job as difficult as possible. I can’t imagine this to be the result of a cold calculation, rather of a necessity created by the insistent flirting with extreme positions, coupled with the immense stupidity of the VP.

Thanks, Joe.


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