Calling All UK Residents: Last Days To Answer The Consultation On “SodoMarriage”

Same sex idiots.


The Home page of the Coalition For Marriage has two buttons: one to sign a petition (I have linked several times to this) and one to answer directly to the Government “consultation”.

The “consultation” will end in the next days. if you are a UK resident, please participate now if you have not done it already.

Even is this consultation is as stupid as usual (officially, it is a consultation about the “if” of sodomarriage, it being understood that when the Chameleon and his girlfriend have decided you are allowed a word about the modalities at the most) and shows the usual contempt of the Government for common decency, Christianity and democracy,  in my eyes you should consider taking part anyway, so that the sodomy-friendly fringes of the Government cannot try to use data skewed by their own friends.

The recent administrative election have already given what seems a mortal blow to this initiative, but some corners of the government still desperately insists this remains part of the agenda.

Please give them a bitch slap.


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  1. “Please give them a bitch slap.” Remember, don’t do it with a limp wrist!

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