UN Nazis Wage War On Babies.

Sorry young man, but if you can’t name your parents I am afraid the UN wanted you dead.


In Italy it was once called “la ruota”, “the wheel”. For those of you who don’t know, if was a cradle made in form of a wheel (I think, using a real one) and put outside of monasteries and the like, and whose form was meant to indicate that was the place to put a child the mother could not keep and/or could not afford to declare her own. largely the same old story, I suppose, though cases of legitimately married, very poor families must have been present.

Be it as it may,  the praxis showed some of the characters of past Christian society:

1) the life of the child is the good most worthy of protection, and

2) the charity of the faithful will provide for the unfortunate creatures.

This is, in fact, what happened. In a world which didn’t know the omnipresent nanny-state of modern times, and still believed in charity, the Christians paid for the children. It is another undisputed fact that never in Christian world children had to starve because there was not enough money to shelter and feed them.

Fast forward to the XXI century, a time when Nazism tries to get back from the window after having been bombed out of the door. Modern Nazism calls the killing of a baby “reproductive health”, and puts the baby last instead of first.

One funny aspect of the modern attitude toward children is in this tragically hilarious report – from the “Guardian”, no less – that the United Nations be worried of the resurgence of the practice, because – get ready for this – it deprives the child of the right to know the identity of his father. 

One would only conclude madhouses must be re-opened at once, if one thought these idiots really believe what they say.

The cruel reality is, of course, different. The Nazis at the UN perfectly understand the recovery of the tradition of the “wheel” puts the life of the child and duty to protect him more and more in the foreground. They can’t stand it. I am sorry, little boy, but you will have to be aborted, as we certainly can’t allow you to be born without knowing who your parents are.

We live in times the people of the Middle Ages – who were, actually, generally very good Christians – would have seen as a perfect example of obscurantism, and evil madness.




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  1. This is pretty hypocritical in an age when Elton John is feted for manufacturing a designer kid for himself using egg and sperm donors. Who is going to explain to THAT kid who his parents are? Or what about the Barton clinic in London, where as many as 600 babies might have been conceived from the ’40s to the ’60s from the sperm of just one man? Or the horror of frozen embryos, or sperm and egg donation? I haven’t noticed the UN rushing to condemn any of this.

    • “Who is going to explain to THAT kid who his parents are?”

      Aha, very funny! 😉

      (and you are avbsolutely right about the rest, too…)


  2. The UN cares about population control, not human rights. It is so sad how the U.N. and progressives have no concern for what is best for the child, having a mother and a father.

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