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I started reading this booklet, How to avoid Purgatory, with not a little measure of scepticism. Grown in an environment where the non practising Catholics were rather indifferent (my parents) and the practising Catholics were rather stern (most notably: my rather steely grandmother) I grew up believing that Purgatory is something you grow to expect, hoping that it will be as little unpleasant as possible; that it is difficult enough to avoid Hell to have the presumption of thinking of even planning to avoid Purgatory; that this idea of asking for oneself something reserved for the most saintly Christians smells of arrogance or, as I would have put it in my childhood, of being a spoiled child.

Add to this that this booklet is clearly dated. The measuring of purgatory in terms of earthly days (so and so many days of indulgence for such and such prayers…

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Posted on June 14, 2012, in Catholicism. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I have precisely the same experience as you Signor M; hoping to scrape into Purgatory by the skin of my teeth but then, I too came across this booklet, some thirty years ago.
    Now I hope for Heaven and trust in Divine Mercy.

  2. Bukojin,
    I would actually still sign for purgatory anytime, and irrespective of lenght…

    In my way of counting, every finite punishment is infinitely short compared to infinity….

    Still, I found the booklet extremely encouraging, particularly because it was written in times above suspicion…


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