Cardinal Burke “In The Loop” About The SSPX

Cardinal Burke gives a nice interview, in the course of which he says “this reconciliation can take place”, just the latest signal the reconciliation is, in fact, already in the bag.

If I wanted to be cynical, I would say that the way Cardinal Burke has been kept out of the loop (not by wolves, or by trolls; but by the Pope) in the disgraceful affair of the neocatechumenal liturgy hardly makes of him the person to go for the latest news.

Still, if I were cynical I would also say that the Pope tells to his collaborators what they want to hear; therefore, he has certainly already informed the Cardinal the reconciliation is decided, because he knows Burke will give no trouble on this.

I can’t imagine this is not going to happen now. Actually I did not imagine this even before; but now the preparations for the event are assuming Olympic Games size.


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  1. You recently said (well more like shouted as is your style) that tha SSPX recognise the validity of the Novus Ordo Mass. I restated that they certainly do not and here is the proof in the interview of Bishop Tissier given on 1/6/12. “…., And we know what has become of Bp. Rifan, of Campos, who now has no objection to celebrating the new mass and who has forbidden his priests from criticizing the Council!”
    Does this sound like approval?

    • Steve D, why must you always be so confused? Would it not be better to inform yourself first?

      The SSPX recognises the validity of the new mass.

      The SSPX does not approve the new mass and does not want to celebrate it.

      Let me know if it’s too difficult.


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