Fr Rostand, SSPX US Superior, Speaks: Part II

Just a few more days…

The second part of the Angelus Press interview to the US Superior is far meatier than the first.

I see the following elements:

1. Anger at V II journalists
Very fittingly, there is a salvo against the very bad journalist (I have written about that) aiming at depicting a Bishop Fellay “moving toward Vatican II”. Not a clever move, and the typical move you would expect from V II journalists.

2. Faith and Prudence

Fr Rostand makes clear there is no compromise from the SSPX, and such a compromise was never in the cards. In this case, there is no reason, or “no way” as he says, how the SSPX should not obey an order from the Pope not requiring any compromise from them. This is a point he stresses several times: no compromise on the faith is requested.

3. Personal Prelature
Fr Rostand openly mentions the prelature, and says it will allow the SSPX to keep its structure and remain as it is. This is in sharp contrast to what Bishop Tissier de Mallerais maintains, that the agreement would allow the bishops to ask that the more recently opened structured of the SSPX be closed.

4. Unity of the Church
Very fitting, Fr Rostand reminds (bishop Tissier and) us that to be a Catholic means to be under the Pope. Whilst it may be necessary at times not to obey the Pope in order not to compromise the faith, the SSPX has never taken sedevacantist positions.This poin tis made very forcefully, clearly implying that if one partout does not want to even be recognised by the Church, he is clearly on the path to sedevacantism (if not already there with both feet).

5. Archbishop Lefebvre and Reconciliation
Fr Rostand makes clear that Archbishop Lefebvre founded his own order in 1970, and asked for Rome’s recognition. As I have often written, it cannot be said the SSPX before the excommunications was less authentic than the one which came after. Archbishop Lefebvre wanted to create a structure in full communion with the Church, and would have continued to have it this way if the events had not forced him to a different route. But the idea that not to be recognised is in itself better than being recognised simply does not make any sense.


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