The Sins Of The “Mothers” Shall Be Visited Upon The Children.

I like to write (you have noticed it already), so I could go on about this forever.

Still, I wonder why I should, as the number speak so well for themselves.

The numbers are, in fact, neatly put together below, courtesy of the Washington Times:

Nothing  else to say, really.

But no, let us go on with these stupid, pervert, heathenish social experiments.


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  1. Perverts breed perverts! Is that so hard for liberals and other idiots to understand?

    • … and unstable people without a solid help in life; and no spine and no conscience; this even when they do not become perverts themselves.
      Alas, liberals ARE idiots, therefore they do not understand it.

      Or they just want to feel free to do whatever they pleases, and who cares about the rest….


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