Catholic Swinging Is Good

Not the last mistakes…

I have spent now more than a couple of sleepless nights following the presidential election in the US. By us it is so, that you can sleep until midnight if you want (I never can), but get up when the going goes though and go to work after having gone through the night courtesy of coffee or energy drinks.

Thinking of the last years, there are some names which I remember as recurring: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Other names are rather important (California, Texas) but, if memory serves, in recent times not really contested.

What do Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania have in common? The fact that they all have a sizeable and relatively aged Catholic population. Don’t believe my word on this, though: read it here. 

As it stands, it seems to be the radicalisation of Obama’s policies will attract to him only those who would have voted for him anyway, and some of those at the fringes, like sexual perverts, who might be motivated to go vote for him either because they feel particularly flattered – but seriously: how many sodomites and lesbians, zoophiles and pedophiles voted for McCain in 2008? – or because they expect to profit from the social economic policies of the President.

Unless I am gravely mistaken, on the other hand we have…. the real country. The people. Those who wake up in the morning because they actually go to work, complain about the government because they actually pay taxes, care about the economic future of the country rather than about some imaginary environmental catastrophe because they actually have children, and have been married to the same woman all their lives because they believe family is sacred, and marriage a sacred bond rather than a mere “declaration of love”  (talking of luv, I’d love to have statistics of the divorce rate of the fags and lesbos who have married in the last years…).

It is of course impossible to say all those among these people who have voted Obama in 2008 will abandon him now and, so to speak, embrace Romney.   Still, it seems to me reasonable to say that the demographics does not speak for the wisdom of the President’s tactics, and might well end up in ruin. The main character of a swing state is that it doesn’t take too many swing votes to let it swing, and I wouldn’t want to have the Catholics against me in this, because even if only one in twelve or fifteen Catholics switch allegiances (or better, decides is allegiance to Christ is more important) this might be already a fatal blow.

I think as Catholics we should all be very grateful to Joe Biden.


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